Disney Infinity stops development for Apple TV

In disappointing news for Apple TV gamers, Disney has stopped development on Disney Infinity 3.0, a launch title for the Apple TV, Touch Arcade reports. While Apple is still selling the starter pack and some figurines, new figurines have been reported not to work. and Disney has confirmed no further updates will be forthcoming.

While this might appear to be sad news for the Apple TV, this isn’t the only platform Disney Infinity is leaving. The PC version has also stopped development, a result of minuscule sales in comparison to the console versions.

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Tribeca Shortlist brings curated movie library to Apple TV

For movie buffs interested in a movie streaming service that isn’t mostly pseudo-documentaries of Dan Aykroyd talking about aliens and pyramids, Lionsgate and Tribeca Enterprises (known for their film festival) has released its Apple TV app for Tribeca Shortlist.

Tribeca Shortlist costs $4.99 a month and offers a collection of highly-regarded movies (the top half of the movies on the service have a Rotten Tomatoes score of about 90). In addition to some well-known movies, the service is looking to offer first-run movies from the film festival circuit.

A free trial of the service is available, so sign up and enjoy the likes of Groundhog DayAdaptation, and The Professional

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Kanex Digital Audio Adapter brings audio output to the Apple TV

Glenn Fleishman at Macworld has a review of a new accessory for the Apple TV that adds new audio output functionality. The Kanex digital audio adapter connects to the Apple TV via HDMI and a television via HDMI, but also includes a 3.5mm port to output stereo audio and a S/PDIF optical digital audio port.

While costly at $60 for the device, the review is overall positive noting that it should assuage the concerns of the people unhappy with the new Apple TV’s reduced audio output options.

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Apple releases first Apple TV commercial

Showing a different tone from most Apple commercials, Apple has released a new TV spot featuring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones) and Alison Brie (Annie from Community). The two actors play themselves as they rehearse a kissing scene by referring to a movie on the Apple TV and using Siri to rewind.

It’s great to see Apple promoting the Apple TV and trying something new with a comedic commercial.

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Review: Best Apple TV app for watching Twitch

When Amazon bought Twitch—the popular service for gamers to stream themselves playing video games—for $970 million in September of 2014, a lot of people had never heard of the company. The popularity of Twitch has continued to grow since then, though, and games like League of Legends and DOTA 2 draw hundreds of thousands of live viewers to the service. While the Apple TV lacks an official Twitch app (so far), there are still multiple apps available to watch Twitch streams. In this article we will review and compare the two free Apple TV apps that let you watch Twitch on your television.

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Apple TV links roundup

Here are some links around the web covering all-things Apple TV:

  • Cult of Mac reviews the weather app Forecast Bar for Apple TV and crowns it the best weather app currently available on the platform. They also have a nice guide to creating folders with the new tvOS.
  • OS X Daily reveals how you can access certain hidden advanced settings on the Apple TV.
  • 9to5 Mac shows how to take advantage of another new tvOS 9.2 feature: Bluetooth keyboards



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Nielsen adds additional data on streaming devices

Variety is reporting that the famous Nielsen ratings will soon begin including additional data on streaming devices, including the Apple TV. While general usage of streaming devices is already included, the new data  will break down the usage by brand. This will allow content producers to know, for instance, if a particular show is more popular with users of one device or another and which devices are used the most heavily.

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Apple releases tvOS 9.2, shares app statistics

Today’s Apple event was largely focused on iPhones and iPads, but the Apple TV didn’t go forgotten. Highlighting a few of the top apps for the Apple TV, including HBO Now and the new March Madness app, it was revealed that the Apple TV already has 5,000 apps available after only being available for a a handful of months.

In addition, tvOS 9.2 was released and is available to download now. The update offers numerous improvements:

  • Folders to organize your apps
  • Siri dictation (even for passwords!)
  • Bluetooth keyboard support
  • Revamped app switcher
  • Improved rewind and  fast forward functionality

As Ars Technica notes in its mini-review, this releases fixes the most glaring omissions and issues.

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First look: Sonic the Hedgehog for Apple TV

No longer tied to supporting their own consoles, in recent years Sega has aggressively brought classic and popular titles to a variety of platforms. Apple’s tvOS can now be counted among those platforms, as Sega has brought their most iconic character’s original adventure to the Apple TV with Sonic the Hedgehog. In this first look, we’ll see if the classic platformer still offers enough fun to merit it’s $2.99 price.

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Web-based Apple TV app listings

Mac Kung Fu is reporting on a new website called TwivelStats that is filling a void by providing a searchable database of Apple TV apps on the web. While it currently only has 2,455 apps in its catalog, this number seems to be growing regularly

Once you look at an individual app’s page, you can see the description, price, debut date, a screenshot, and other basic information that you’d normally see in the app store.

While certainly no replacement for a catalog directly from Apple, this at least provides a starting point for looking up apps when away from your TV.

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