Best Water Pipe & Bongs For Sale In Bulk For Smoke Shops

water pipes make up some of the most popular smoking devices available in headshops around the world. Excavations of a kurgan in Russia in 2013 revealed that Scythian tribal chiefs used gold bongs 2400 years ago to smoke cannabis and opium. The kurgan was discovered when construction workers were clearing land for the construction of a power line.

We know schedules get busy and we want to make sure you have ample opportunity to pick up your cannabis and tobacco water pipes. We are proud to supply high quality water pipes to smoke shops and marijuana dispensaries across the country. We supply several color options of the glow in the dark gas mask bong for sale, all made from an acrylic material. Our grommet bowl acrylic gas mask bong is a popular novelty item, however, that doesn’t mean it lacks in performance. These acrylic weed bongs can produce very powerful hits as the mask successfully traps all the smoke, so none is wasted.

However, it should be noted, ceramic is probably more durable than glass, but still, hard floors are unforgiving. Ceramic does provide for a vaporizers bongs good experience and gives off very little taste mixed into your bud. Once you’ve figured out the above, it’s time to get into the fun stuff.


These adapters can change male to female or vice versa as well as changing the size either to a larger joint sizer or smaller one, allowing your bong to be very versatile. Molino Glass launched our first ‘Mad Scientist’ Percolator Bong in 2005, featuring the first-ever removable percolator. 15 years later, the ‘Mad Scientist’ range is still one of our most popular products. Molino traces its roots back to 2000 when our founder created our first product, the Molino wood grinders.

Glass water pipes are undeniably the most popular, highly valued for the way they preserve the taste and purity of cannabis smoke. The transparency of glass also gives users a better idea of where and when their water bong needs to be cleaned. They’re also fragile, and therefore more challenging to transport. Soon, this underground movement of glass pipe-making would permeate the growing post-legalization cannabis culture.

Silicone bongs are an excellent solution for budget smokers and travel smokers as well. Silicone bongs can often compress down to friendly travel size and are very popular as you never have to worry about it falling accidentally and dealing with shattered glass. The straight tube or straight neck bong is exactly what it sounds like. It is a very simple, straightforward design that is easy to use and clean. Something else to consider when purchasing a bong is definitely the size.