Bongs & Water Pipes

But we hope you have a better understanding of what a bong and a water pipe is now and can make a better informed purchase. At Zob Glass Pipes we want our customers to be happy and the first steps to make that happen is to sell high quality products within your budget that do what you need them to!. If you have any questions / comments / concerns please feel free to contact our expert customer support by email, live chat or phone. Yes, but that defeats the purpose of smoking out of a bong. The water in a bong helps filter the smoke to result in a more smooth hit.

Most cannabis consumers report that one or two hits from their cannabis bong will have them feeling more effects than an entire pipe filled with the same flower strain. Whether you’re in a rush or you just prefer to have to take fewer hits, a good bong may be the way to go if you’re looking to maximize your effects vaporizers bongs and minimize your inhalation. An “Ice catcher” is an indentation typically located at the base of the neck of a bong that allows you to fill the tube up with ice-cubes without the cubes falling into the base of the bong. When the smoke travels up the neck of the bong it gets extra chilly and smooth for your inhale.

It comes with a fixed downstem for smooth cool hits that don’t sacrifice potency. Freeze Pipe’s entry level bong and a step up from our Bubbler. You’ll notice hits are colder and more filtered than traditional water pipes, and due to the beaker base it sits sturdy on any flat surface. Dabbing has become a growing trend among consistent smokers because it enables the consumer to feel strong, immediate effects, use less product, and undergo a purer inhalation experience.


Get the most out of your cannabis with an affordable option that won’t sacrifice potency. A Bubble Bong, or bubbler, is a miniature bong that includes water percolation. Imagine a handpipe that gives smooth, cool hits without sacrificing portability. That’s what you get with a bubbler, the best of both worlds. Continuing this evolution, Freeze Pipe offers three different bongs for sale, each with various levels of size, percolation and cooling power to fit your specific needs. Click on any of the pieces below to learn more, or scroll to the bottom for additional info.

Note that if you’re purchasing a new bong from Grasscity, it will already include the required bong bowl. Sometimes if your bong is too small and your pull is too strong, you may get a bit of water pulled into your mouth. Dirty bong water in your mouth is something you want to avoid, which makes splash guards the perfect solution as it prevents water from entering your mouth upon inhalation with and pipes. Once you purchase a bong, you may want to customize it to your liking.

Bongs may not have originated in Central Asia, but they certainly gained popularity in 16th century China during the late Ming dynasty. Popular theory suggests that these water pipes spread throughout Europe, the Middle East, and east Asia along the Silk Road. As cannabis gained popularity across the globe, so did water bongs and other smoking accessories. Time shaped the evolution of the bong as manufacturers began experimenting with different materials, shapes, and sizes.

Choosing a new bong can be both fun and confusing as there are so many options. The water pipes today are far more advanced than the ones our ancestors used back in the day. You can choose one that is simple or very complex depending on how you like to smoke. If you prefer ice cold smoke, consider getting a bong that has an ice catcher which allows you to add ice cubes to further cool down the smoke. One example of a quality Bubble Bong you can find on Cannabox is the GRAV Labs Hourglass Pocket Bubbler Mini Bong. This bong is small, but powerful, coming in at only 3.25 inches.