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Since then aluminum alloy frames and other components have become popular due to their light weight, and most mid-range bikes are now principally aluminum alloy of some kind.[where? ] More expensive bikes use carbon fibre due to its significantly lighter weight and profiling ability, allowing designers to make a bike both stiff and compliant by manipulating the lay-up. Virtually all professional racing bicycles now use carbon fibre frames, as they have the best strength to weight ratio. A typical modern carbon fiber frame can weighs less than 1 kilogram (2.2 lb).

This design, referred to as a step-through frame or as an open frame, allows the rider to mount and dismount in a dignified way while wearing a skirt or dress. The ease of stepping through is also appreciated by those with limited flexibility or other joint problems. Because of its persistent image as a “women’s” bicycle, step-through frames are not common for larger frames. Cyclists looking to both on and off-road should consider a hybrid bike that blends features of road and mountain bikes for total versatility.

Guided tours, self-guided rides, and group tours are available. With the help of the Bike Index community and its partners, you have the information necessary to recover your lost or stolen bike at no cost to you. If your bike goes missing, mark it as lost or stolen to notify the entire Bike Index community and its partners.

From concept to finished product, all of our ebikes are designed by the Rad Lab, our in-house team of designers and engineers. For electric mongoose bicycles tips and inspirational stories straight from the Rad Family, take a trip down the Scenic Route. We now provide Free Black Glove Delivery service throughout the metro on all bicycle purchases. Receive new products, special offers, and exciting news from Montague riders around the globe.


Upright handlebars, the norm in Europe and elsewhere until the 1970s, curve gently back toward the rider, offering a natural grip and comfortable upright position. They were popular in a time when there were not cars on the market and the principal mode of transportation was horse-drawn vehicles, such the horse and buggy or the horsecar. Among the earliest clubs was The Bicycle Touring Club, which has operated since 1878. By the turn of the century, cycling clubs flourished on both sides of the Atlantic, and touring and racing became widely popular. The Raleigh Bicycle Company was founded in Nottingham, England in 1888.

Attach everything you need on the unibeam with the clamp-on system. Ösa lite, the moped, is an electric, high-performance utility machine. Robust 37-pcs tool box with basic tools from stainless steel for bicycle maintenance. Versatile aero wheelset for the modern road bike with tubeless and hookless rim profile with 23mm inner width. “They were great tour guides and the Capital Sites bike tour was the highlight of our trip.”