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Thinking about a smoking pipe, but don’t know which shape is right for you? Tempered glass glass pipes are used for specialized applications, such as corrosive liquids, medical or laboratory wastes, or pharmaceutical manufacturing. Connections are generally made using specialized gasket or O-ring fittings. The inside of pipes can be cleaned with a tube cleaning process, if they are contaminated with debris or fouling.

A broad variety of standardized pipe fittings are available; they are generally broken down into either a tee, an elbow, a branch, a reducer/enlarger, or a wye. The piping and plumbing fittings and valves articles discuss them further. Mechanical grooved couplings or Victaulic joints are also frequently used for frequent disassembly and assembly. Developed in the 1920s, these mechanical grooved couplings can operate up to 120 pounds per square inch working pressures and available in materials to match the pipe grade.

Using precast piping is a convenient way to speed up any construction project. Had the internet not come up, we would never have seen the emergence of platform business models. Unlike vaporizers bongs, platforms do not just create and push stuff out. At the technology layer, external developers can extend platform functionality using APIs. At the business layer,users can create value on the platform for other users to consume. This is a massive shift from any form of business we have ever known in our industrial hangover.


The pipe or pipe spool is retrieved, staged, rigged, and then lifted into place. On large process jobs the lift is made using cranes and hoist and other material lifts. They are typically temporarily supported in the steel structure using beam clamps, straps, and small hoists until the pipe supports are attached or otherwise secured. The pipe sizes that are in use today in PVC and galvanized were originally designed years ago for steel pipe. The number system, like Sch 40, 80, 160, were set long ago and seem a little odd.

Each of these processes leads to coalescence or merging of steel components into pipes. Electric current is passed through the surfaces that have to be welded together; as the components being welded together resist the electric current, heat is generated which forms the weld. Pools of molten metal are formed where the two surfaces are connected as a strong electric current is passed through the metal; these pools of molten metal form the weld that binds the two abutted components. Do you see that open area at the top of your bong’s downstem? It’s very important that your bowl stays firmly in your bong but can slide in and out easily to produce the strongest hits. All you need to do is add enough water to produce bubbles without causing any messes from overflowing.