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To prevent buildup, wipe them out with a damp cloth every time you finish. Keep your mouth closed – When vaping, keep your mouth shut. Your lungs shouldn’t breathe in any air during inhalation. Use clean materials – Don’t use old rags or paper towels as filters. They won’t work well and might even cause damage to your device.

If you’re used to smoking and are considering a switch to vaping, you’ll have some adjusting to do. Firstly, the huge clouds possible after a heroic bong hit will not happen with a vaporizer. Vapor is lighter and thinner than smoke, and sometimes you might be unsure if you took a proper hit or not.

Both are great for smoking herb but many people will be eager to save money. If you fit into this category, you’ll want to stick with a bong. It might not be as smooth as the vaporizer but you’ll end up saving money. Vaporizer Chief is an online vape business glass pipes established in 2013. We aim to offer the highest quality vaporizer products at the lowest possible prices. We are authorized dealers for all of the major vaporizer brands, allowing us to receive bulk order discounts which we then pass on to our customers.

Desktop vaporizers are comparatively bulky and require a wall outlet to power up. Vape pens and dab pens are ultra-portable, battery-powered devices. The compounds in your herb start to get activated at about 200 °F. A more comprehensive range of compounds gets activated as you turn up the heat. Almost everything is activated at around 420 °F, with combustion happening at 451 °F.

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The safety benefit that an e-nail offers to its users is paramount; consumers will find that being able to dab without having to fire up a blowtorch is enough justification to switch. E-nail glass pipes rigs also provide the user with much more control over the temperature settings. A dab rig enables the user to fine-tune heat settings anytime that they are enjoying their concentrates.

Take a small amount, often referred to as a “dab”, of your cannabis extract, and carefully place it into the vaporizer chamber. Whatever you do, do not handle your concentrates with your hands as they are often sticky, downgrading the quality. Desktop vaporizers made for concentrates are nice tools that give bragging rights to any proud owner. If you pick up a nice desktop vaporizer for concentrates, such as this PuffCo. Peak Smart Rig, be sure you read the manual and maintain a regular cleaning schedule. While your vaporizer is heating up, use a grinder to get a uniform consistency of your bud.

Vaporizers allow you to enjoy cannabis without smelling like a half-burnt joint. And rightly, the internet is head-over-heels in love with vaping. Lookah is an online headshop offering premium design glass rigs, cool water pipes under our Lookah Glass and Tataoo Glass brands. One of the biggest differences between vaporizers vs bongs is the price.