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This tub doesn’t have as many jets as the PureSpa 28409E, but you’ll barely notice the difference. If you intend to host guests from time to time and want the luxury of having a spa in your back yard, then this model is a great choice. I think it’s the hoses they use to connect the far intake filter. When I warrantied my old tub I cut it open and there are 3 separate hoses that run from the far intake filter and they are rubbery.

I have the intex inflatable spa as well, I had my pump fail before the 1st year. I take things apart for fun, so I was going to discard the base and last night decided to perform an autopsy on the faulty base. The Heat Exchanger assembly is painted black inside and out, the aluminum was so corroded that the paint started to flake off and blocking the flow through it.

When you buy online, you often skip out the middleman, giving you the best possible price on your hot tub. Dealers have to pay overheads like rent for the showroom floor, and salaries for the sales staff. Intex manufacture hot tubs in seating arrangements from 4 to 6-persons. However, if you like legroom in your hot tub, then you should minus two seats from the tub to get a better idea.

The 28in also makes a great seasonal hot tub for anyone that lives in colder climates and finds that they don’t use the spa that often in the wintertime. All the Intex hot tubs are so easy to pack up and store in the carry bag included with the spa. As with all Intex models, you get a customizable control pad to enter your preferred settings.

Screw back the lead back on the Intex pure spa engine and You are ready to store Your spa in the storage. Put the second end of the hose in the Intex pure spa valve connector for inflation or deflation. Turn on the Intex and pres bubbles button on until all air is out from the Tub.

Use one hand to support the base of the main drain, and the other hand to spin the lid off to access the filters. Simply pull out the dirty filters and pop some new clean ones in place before threading the lid back on the main drains. Sure, an Intex hot tub might not have the same durability as an acrylic shell intex purespa spa, but it’s only a fraction of the cost. The Intex models give you an affordable hot tub experience for a fraction of that price. When purchasing your hot tub, you’ll need to u a cover to protect your spa. A cover helps keep the water clean and reduces the costs of heating the tub from a cold temperature.

Most of the models in a dealership will start from $5,000 upwards. If you arrive at a dealer and tell them you’re interested in purchasing an inflatable hot tub, they’ll probably laugh at you. You can expect them to give you a million reasons why you should skip that idea and invest in one of their expensive models instead. If you visit a hot tub dealership and take a look at the models on offer, you find that they come with 240-volt blower motors, audio systems, and a bunch of other features you don’t need in your spa. We like the way Intex gives you everything you need in a hot tub without the need for offering silly accessories. These hot tubs are affordable and reliable, giving you a relaxing spa that melts away your stress and leaves you feeling refreshed.

intex SPAS

The tub really offers you a great deal with its great performance and attractive design. Most inflatable Intex spas use this S1 style of replacement filter cartridge, model number 29001E. Buying filters in bulk is the cheapest way to keep your spa water clean and minimize how often you need to be degreasing and cleaning filter elements.

Bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens love to breed in these environments. As a result, your hot tub needs a water filtration system that’s capable of killing off all bacteria, fungi, and pathogens before they harm your health. All the Intex models come with a control panel that lets you customize your temperature and jet settings. The best surfaces to set up your Intex hot tub are patios, decks, and inside on the floor. If you’re taking an Intex hot tub for a travel spa you can use while camping or on vacation, we recommend you inspect the surface before setting up your tub. Purchasing a hot tub requires a bit of research and thought before you make your purchase.

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