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The brand has achieved a cult fan base among watch-wearers who do not believe form and function are mutually exclusive. Since 1983, G-SHOCK has been setting the standard in toughness. Shock-resistant construction that stands up to dropping and other rough treatment plus 200-meter plus water resistance. While the price is not g shock watch that of the least expensive G-Shocks, mainly because of the atomic time sync and the build materials, you get all the functions you could ever need for everyday use. The GW is definitely a watch to suit the pocket and taste of most everyone. At the gym, you need similar things as when out running, with little differences.

Whether you are a military man, a policeman, a pilot, an athlete, a hiker, a hunter or a fisherman, a swimmer or a scuba diver, or just want a fancy robust watch to show it off a little, we got you covered. From categories like the best G-Shock for pilots to the best all-purpose G-Shock, we are covering a total of 21 different uses that will surely help you decide on your next best G-Shock. Casio is a Japanese watch brand part of Casio Computer Co., LTD. In September 2018, to mark the 35th anniversary of G-Shock, Casio released a collection of four clear model of G-Shock watches called “The Glacier Gold” collection. New limited models are introduced more frequently throughout the year. Special models are released upon the anniversary celebration of the G-Shock brand and are sold through selected retail channels.

They work well as sports watch while being truly elegant for business attire. Starting from the carbon core guard structure, water-resistance, shock and magnetic resistance, to high-end durability, this Classic Origin series offers anything and everything to the users in the air, on baby g shock land, and at the sea. The G-Shock Rescue is a multi-function sports watch and a great value. They have fallen substantially and now can be had for around $70. It includes tide, moon phase and can be set for multiple alarms and an illuminator switch so it can easily be read at night.

I do a lot of surf casting and this watch has been a great find. I no longer have to keep track of tide and moon phase as the watch takes away all of the guesswork. I can set the alarms to warn me when my time is limited due to a rising tide.

For me the biggest advantage of the GW vs DW6900-1V is the “solar” rechargeable battery. It’s why I abandoned quartz watches in the very early 1980’s during my military career, using Hamilton MIL-W-46374B and GG-W-113 watches, alternating periodically between them. I could always sync to a WWV HF signal or a comm center chronometer every few days. When you’re out in some Godforsaken wilderness, desert wasteland or jungle, watch battery replacement isn’t feasible. If outside a region covered by one of the LF time signals (e.g. WWVB), it will continue working just fine, with the ability to set the time manually as needed, which shouldn’t be very often. The moderate size makes it much easier to keep under a sleeve when necessary and much less likely to get snagged and caught on equipment, the consequences of which could be injurious.

At 49 mm in diameter, it is one of the “smaller” G-Shock watches. Featuring a 15mm thickness and comfortable resin case and band, so you won’t feel it as a burden when sailing across the sea. The Mudman is found to be really comfortable to wear throughout the day despite the obvious massivity of the watch. That was possible mainly because of the clever combination Casio made with the case/band material and proportionality between the total surface and weight. The watch is a technical masterpiece with an athletic style and sports feel to it. It’s actually very interesting how Casio designed this watch at every level.

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Choose from different styles of sports watches for men and women. There are a lot of colors and styles to make sure your wrist game is always on point. Well, or not… If you can decide it’s worth the price, this watch won’t leave you still wanting a certain feature from a different watch, because it has almost every function you would ever need. offers almost half a thousand of models of Casio G-Shock watches for sale. It is available in numerous colors, several styles and even in some collectible limited editions, such as G-Shock x Sankuanz, G-Shock x Stash Graffiti-Style and G-Shock x Futura Graffiti Limited Edition. Your site is very good for sharing g shock protection information. I have purchased “rangeman “and “gulfmaster gn 1000b” and iam enjoying.