Glass Bongs For Sale

Now you can use your bong as a dab bong or you can invest in a dab rig as you get more into concentrates. Ceramic glass pipes are some of the most classically beautiful and cool-looking bongs available, and can even have detailed patterns. While glass may be the most universal material, ceramic is actually even better at cooling smoke and more durable, although if it takes a fall it can crack similar to glass. What’s certain is that you’ll want to show these off as the centerpiece in your living room, especially the more decorative and styled pieces. Cannabox is the best online smoke shop, you will be sure to find something to match perfectly with your style. A Mini Bong is a bong that is compact and easy to carry around.

The shape of your bong can also contribute to the type of toking experience you prefer. Straight tube vaporizers bongs are a tried and true classic water pipe design that is simple and usually has a fixed or removable downstem perc. Dabbing has become a growing trend among consistent smokers because it enables the consumer to feel strong, immediate effects, use less product, and undergo a purer inhalation experience. Dab rigs are distinctive because they are specially made for smoking concentrates rather than flower and are often referred to as concentrate water pipes and bongs.

Silicone water pipes are the easiest to wash and clean since they are dishwasher safe. They are also durable, well-priced, customizable and perform well compared to their comrades. Different styles and shapes are available to create an airtight seal regardless of your mouth or face shape. Upon contact with the water, the smoke is instantly cooled degrees to a lower temperature that doesn’t hurt the throat. Every bong needs to form an air-tight seal to work correctly. Therefore, the diameter of the areas where the bong and accessories meet (the “joints”) must be compatible.


These devices remain in popularity because they filter smoke and provide a smoother, more enjoyable inhale. Theoretically, glass pipes will enable you to get more THC at once. A splash guard is a glass screen that sometimes is installed at the top of the chamber right under where the mouthpiece begins or the bong’s neck.

Essentially pipe bongs, glass water pipe bong, bong water pipe, and glass pipe bongs are all the same! Read below to go over the different types of bongs and find the perfect fit for you. Daily High Club is the best place to buy bongs online with high-quality bongs at great prices. With so many bongs on the cannabis market, it’s no surprise to see so many different styles and types of water pipes and bongs. The major differences between these bongs are the material in which it’s made. Depending on the type, the material can and will affect the way in which your dry flowers taste.