5 Benefits Of Smoking With Glass Hand Pipes

Glass pipe artists ensure that each pipe is as unique as it is functional. No matter what you smoke and no matter how much you smoke, we always recommend having a glass pipe in your smoking collection. They’re portable, clean, and you’ll never compromise on flavor. Fixing a broken glass pipe is incredibly difficult for the average person. You pretty much need to be a glassblower in order to have the skills and tools to handle that kind of situation.

glass pipes

Style is big in the world of glass weed pipes, both in terms of the shape of the pipe and the colors used in the glass. Right off the bat, the glass blower can proceed one of two routes. They can either use the tube to create one weed pipe or they can heat the tube and break it in half to form two smaller weed pipes.

If you’re worried about staying on top of it, an easy clean glass pipe is probably the best option for you. Glass pipes are an essential smoking accessory, but for a long time, your choices were limited to the headshop look, making it a challenge to find a well designed pipe to suit your style. These glass bowls and pipes make aesthetic statements while acting as highly functional delivery systems for your smokable substances.

Sherlock glass pipes have a larger bowl and a fanciful arched stem. From spoon pipes, bowls, handpipes, sherlock pipes,water pipes, and unique themed pipes we have you covered whether you are looking for pyrex, borosilicate or soft glass. Browse our selection of glass, ranging from very affordable smoking glass pipes up to heady blown glass works of art.

The classic glass piece pipe is the most common smoking apparatus among cannabis consumers, which makes sense because they’re so darn convenient and easy to use. No matter what kind of smoking accessory shop you operate, stocking at least a handful of glass pipes should be a no-brainer decision. Aesthetic Appeal – Our glass smoking pipes for sale are incredibly beautiful, artistic, intricate, unique, and enticing. This glass smoking bowl style is reputable for its durability. Steamroller glass pipes are routinely made with thick borosilicate glass that’s formed into a single chamber design, resulting in strong, hard to break designs.

Fragility – Some say the only downside to glass herb pipes is their risk of shattering, but with proper care and attention a glass pipe will last for years. Not to mention, many thick glass hand pipes are so well-made that they’re very hard to break unless you straight up throw them on the ground. Additionally, when cleaning a glass bowl pipe it can be easy to be too rough. Glass’ versatility is one of the biggest reasons why it’s one of the most popular pipe materials. Factors to consider will include the quality of the glass, thickness, size, functionality, exclusivity, and, of course, price. We are a premier provider of wholesale smoke shop supplies because we ensure all our products are made with top grade materials, and our wholesale and bongs collection is no exception.

Cleaning a glass pipe is relatively simple and most people opt to boil it in water for about 10 minutes. In order to reduce movement and help prevent accidental breakage during the cleaning process, use a small vessel or a colander. Soaking it in alcohol, with a minimum concentration of 91%, is also a highly effective way to clean a glass pipe.

While vaporizers bongs are small and discrete, you’ll still need to make sure you’re storing them in a smell proof container. You can’t expect a simple Ziploc bag to contain the intense aroma both your bud, and pipe will give off. Its personal preference to use a screen with your bong or not. A screen can help so your flower doesn’t fall through the hole into the water so if you’re newer to glass bongs a screen would be advisable.

Every glass pipe for sale is packed with love and ships for free anywhere in the US and Canada. Buy 1 glass pipe get 2nd glass pipe for 50% off, discount automatically applied at checkout. Factory pipes on average tend to break easily, don’t work as well and just feel cheap — but not ours! All Fat Buddha glass pipes are handcrafted from the start to be the best. We ship our glass pipes to many countries, including the US, UK, most of Europe, and Canada.