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These days, making the most of your backyard is a priority — and one of the best upgrades is an above-ground pool. They keep the kids occupied for hours and can be a great way to get some exercise. Comes with shell, filter pump, pool cover, and ground cloth. Our swimming pool for kids and adults is big enough to accommodate the entire family. Gather your crew up & get ready for some fun under the sun. Blow & set up the big pools for backyard outdoors to enjoy family-friendly backyard entertainment ALL summer long.

Or you can go for the all-time favorites inflatable or kiddie pools. Next up is the size, it usually depends on the size of your backyard but there might be restrictions by some local municipalities. Along with the size, decide the depth and the shape depending on who’s using it. Now that you have a pool, you need liners to keep the bottoms and the walls safe and keep the water in place. Whether you want a pool above ground to play or use it as a spa and relax, browse our store to find the right outdoor pool for you.

There are five main things to look out for when deciding which material to use under your pool. Here’s a list of the most popular materials to put underneath an above ground pool, whether it’s on grass, pavers, gravel or concrete. You could put your pool on pavers, however the weight of the pool may compress the pavers and move them out of shape.

s are perfect for the backyard and are easy to set up and maintain. Whether you want to splash with the kids or entertain adult guests, there’s a pool for every backyard and lifestyle. Add shock to the pool once the pH and alkalinity are at good levels. Follow the instructions again on the back of the shock container for the number of gallons of water in your pool. Test the level of chlorine in your pool to ensure you added enough shock.

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Which will mean you’ll need to fix them when you remove your pool. Concrete is probably the best option since it is usually 100% level and smooth. Also, grass can’t grow through concrete and animals and bugs can’t damage or burrow through it either. © 2021 Maven Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers on this website. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

It is important that there is enough space to comfortably set it up, as well as space around it to run around. You should be careful trying to fit more people in a large one than it can accommodate. If you try to overfill it, the frame could collapse and break. An 18-foot diameter pool with a depth of 48 inches can accommodate 8 or more people. A 15-foot diameter pool with a depth of 42 inches can accommodate 4-7 people.

The pool does not come with a maintenance kit so we had to purchase one for skimming and vacuuming. We chose the Intex Deluxe pool maintenance kit, which connects to the built-in filtration system. The kit also comes with a scrub brush to clean the sides and a skimmer to clean debris from the surface. People love this pool since it is easy to set up and no tools are needed since it can be ready for water in 15 minutes.

But when it comes down to it, the convenience of inflatable and intex baby floats doesn’t have to end with the season. Entry level pools are inflatable and not as high quality as Intex pools that use metal or galvanized steel frames for increased durability and ruggedness. A dirty Intex pool filter cannot be washed, only replaced. Some high end models use a sand filter with a saltwater system. For this type of filter, it only needs to be swapped out every 5 years.