The subtle tie-in of color from the dial to the inner strap, along with toned down contrast across the watch make for a understated affair. Like their GAS cousins below, these models exude a perhaps unintentional driving motif , while providing street-ready style, as well. The alternative dial layout is the kind of thing the G-Shockers will fuss over on the forums, but you can go with your gut and let the kids do the arguing. It’s slightly busier than the GA-400, and for this reason, Casio is pushing this as “Street Fashion”-oriented. What we see is more of an automotive vibe coming in with the perforated hands on many models that suggest both old-school steering wheels and perforated driving gloves.

G2900F-1V $ 89.95 Ten years is a long time and that’s exactly why we used a battery that lasts just as long. Equipped with E-Data memory and 4 multi-function alarms, you’ll never miss a step. The most durable digital and analog-digital watches in the industry, trusted by military personnel, law enforcement, surfers and outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

g shock

Select a color by clicking on a colored square located at the left to display all the watches matching that color. Not to be confused with mechanical watches, analog simply refers to watches with dials and hands rather than numeric displays to provide information. All the movements here are quartz-driven, providing the same reliability and durability found in the other models, while the presentation ups the elegance to some.

These relatively premium G-Shocks are popular because they’re so damn great, but they remain pretty readily available. Styled just like the originals, but now with fully metal construction, including bracelets on some models. These look like the 1980s but function futuristically g shock protection with solar power and they come in a range of finishes from traditional steel, gold or black to some typically G-Shock, funky iterations. With a carbon-fiber-reinforced resin double-back case, this G-SHOCK watch can survive spills and dings without breaking a sweat.

These models were the very first G-Shock watches to have a countdown timer. The countdown timers on these models were designed to count down for surfing competitions, some of the later models have a yacht timer, moon and tide graphs so a surfer can keep track of the progress while competing on the water. Many of these models came equipped with a pair of strap adapters and a single one-piece resin or nylon band.

The broad category of digital watches, however, ranges from small retro-styled units to some of the wildest behemoths in the G-Shock range. The strap of the watch is also designed to protect the module during a fall. Constructed from Murasaki-gane metal and Cobarion, which is three times stronger than steel, this G-SHOCK watch is extraordinary. It has a shock-resistant all-metal design with a Dura Soft Fluoro rubber band to help it withstand adventures wherever you roam.

The all-metal timepiece has a vintage square case design, Super Illuminator LED light, unique STN LCD display, and a solar battery. This watch also features Atomic Timekeeping technology, which means it will provide you with precise timekeeping anywhere you are thanks to radio signals from six transmitters across the globe. The GMWB5000D-1 is one of G-SHOCK’s most aesthetically appealing watches.