Preventing Frozen Water Pipes And Meters

Slowly apply heat, starting close to the faucet end of the pipe, with the faucet open. A hair dryer trained at the frozen area of the pipe is appropriate. Don’t use electrical appliances while standing in water; you could get electrocuted. Crack a faucet farthest from the place where your water enters the house.A very slow drip will keep water molecules moving, reducing the chance that pipes will freeze. Place a bucket underneath the faucet so the water can be saved for other household uses.

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Turn on the water periodically at all faucets that are exposed to cold air when outside temperatures have been below freezing for several days. These steps will help you prevent the damage, expense, and inconveniences of having your pipes or water meter freeze. The small city of 29,000 saved $2.2 million by using plastic to replace its own 1930s-era water system after state regulators alerted the city to critically needed fixes. For a municipality struggling with a dwindling tax base, those savings were huge. Two powerful industries, plastic and iron, are locked in a lobbying war over the estimated $300 billion that local governments will spend on water and sewer pipes over the next decade.

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