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Feature energy-efficient micro-dot LEDs, flame-resistant construction and cool-to-the-touch lights for added safety. With a range of tree heights, the Jackson collection offers an ideal option for small family rooms all the way up to grand foyers. With the spread of Christianity beyond Europe and North America, the celebration of Christmas was transferred to societies throughout the non-Western world. In many of these countries, Christians are not the majority population, and, therefore, the religious holiday has not become a cultural holiday. Christmas customs in these societies thus often echo Western traditions because the people were exposed to Christianity as a religion and cultural artifact of the West. Given the importance of Christmas as one of the major Christian feast days, most European countries observe, under Christian influence, December 26 as a second Christmas holiday.

In religious terms, the Christmas season is sometimes considered to extend from Christmas Eve to the feast of the Epiphany or Twelfth Day on January 6. This period is sometimes called Christmastide, though this word can also be used in a more general way to refer to the period from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day. Popular activities include the decoration of a Christmas tree and the exchange of gifts. Create a snowy paradise with a flurry of decorations including falling snowflakes, icy evergreen forests, picturesque holiday cottages, and more.


Much of the religious observance of Christmas involves the story of Jesus’s birth in a stable in the town of Bethlehem. Some Christians set up Nativity scenes depicting the scene of Jesus’s birth, including figures of Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus in a manger. For many Christians, religious observation of Christmas is done alongside other secular aspects of the season, such as the exchange of gifts and Santa Claus. Give away plush holiday elves, penguins and snowmen or reindeer yo-yos. There are decorations and gifts for Christmas for everyone at Oriental Trading.


Based on the New Testament account by the apostle Luke of Jesus’s birth, most Christians believe that Jesus was born at night. To celebrate, many believers attend a midnight mass or church service. Christmas is a Christian holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the central figure of Christianity. Most Christians celebrate the holiday on December 25, but it is celebrated on January 7 in the Orthodox Church due to the use of a different calendar. Bring a peaceful, rustic feel to your home this holiday season with flocked evergreens, decorative reindeer and elegant candles everywhere. It’s our mission to help you bring your Christmas to life this holiday season, by offering the highest quality lifelike Christmas trees available today.

Legend has it that during his life the priest rode across Asia Minor bestowing gifts upon poor children. One economist’s analysis calculates that, despite increased overall spending, Christmas is a deadweight loss under orthodox microeconomic theory, because of the effect of gift-giving. This loss is calculated as the difference between what the gift giver spent on the item and what the gift receiver would have paid for the item. It is estimated that in 2001, Christmas resulted in a $4 billion deadweight loss in the U.S. alone. Because of complicating factors, this analysis is sometimes used to discuss possible flaws in current microeconomic theory.

This practice recalls the ancient Christian liturgical notion that the celebration of Christmas, as well as that of Easter and of Pentecost, should last the entire week. The weeklong observance, however, was successively reduced to Christmas day and a single additional holiday on December 26. Christians and non-Christians participate in some of the most popular Christmas traditions, many of which have no origins in Christianity. These customs include decorating evergreen trees—or, in India, mango or bamboo trees; feasting ; and exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.