26″ Huffy Cranbrook Women’s Cruiser Bike, Pistachio

Other than the pedal brakes being worthless, it’s been good to me and has seen many miles and many modifications. And while I do ride rather slowly, I get off the huffy beach cruiser road as much as possible. This means that I ride rough shoulders and such a lot. Yet the Cranbrook frame has not shown any sign that it’s not up to the task.

The seat on these cruiser bikes is padded to keep you comfy when riding long distances, whether the trail is smooth or rough. With both the Men’s and Women’s Huffy cruiser bikes, you will be getting cozy with the padded bike seat and handlebars when cycling. Being able to plant both your feet on the ground offers you more balance and control to ride confidently no matter the terrain.

cranbrook bike

Be sure to grease the bearings in the wheels, especially the rear because mine had very little grease from the factory. Routes that include signage and sharrows with a bike and a diamond indicate a reserved lane for cyclists. Designated bicycle lanes are a dedicated part of the roadway for the exclusive use of cyclists. Other road users may not lawfully drive, stand, stop or park in a designated bicyclel ane. Dedicated bike lanes may have one way directional signage as well as additional signage indicating where they start and stop.

With this single-speed bike, you don’t have to worry about shifting gears, making it excellent for beginners looking to try out biking. You must be the rider’s legal guardian in order to purchase a membership. Please have the rider’s legal guardian create an account and purchase the membership. Mine has the Falcon-SHA rear coaster hub, I just tore it down for maint.

From the looks of it, it comes from the tail-end of their Dayton, Ohio days. I’ve had this bike on some fairly severe trails in NW Arkansas huffy beach cruiser and northern New Mexico. While I had some damage , the bike had no issues. The success rate depends on how you maintain your equipment.

Unfortunately, their axle sizes are smaller diameter than any of my other pedals. The weight of the entire package was 44.6 pounds. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass.

If the chain tension was not the problem, you might need to check the bearings. Huffys almost never have sealed bearings and they can be over under tightened, either being a problem. I assembled the bicycle using threadlocker or grease in appropriate areas.