A Closer Look At The $50 Casio Duro Dive Watch

I can whack this thing up against a rock or tree without worrying much about the case. It also wears slightly larger than its contemporary, with a cleaner, more legible face. Yes, g shock watch is a dive watch that comes at the $50 to $70 price range depending on the seller and various offers. Also, it’s quite interesting that Casio Duro can keep up to the features and specialties of watches priced above the $300 price point.

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The seconds hand hits all the markers perfectly which is remarkable in such an affordable watch. The seconds hand comes with a red arrow tip at the end which is lumed and adds to the visual g shock protection beauty and the red color really pops. The hours and minutes hands are lumed and are sized perfectly. The hour hand has an arrow’s look while the minutes hand resembles a spear.

casio duro

In the price range of less than $50, the Casio MDV106’s bezel can be considered rather good , it’s extremely easy to turn with little effort. This is really a big plus since many other dive watches that cost 2 times of the MDV106’s price still feature a very stiff bezel,. However, this effort of Casio makes little practical sense as the MDV106 is not built for true scuba diving.

Traditional, old-school porcelain enamel dials are done with an entirely different and much more involved process which includes firing in a kiln. Strongly recommended for affordable dive enthusiasts everywhere. To set the time, pull the crown to its furthest position . Note that the date display will automatically roll over at midnight. Established in 1946, Casio was one of the first manufacturers to spearhead the quartz revolution. In 1974 they released the Casiotron, the first of many that they would release that would redefine segments of the watch market.

The watch has a sharp unidirectional bezel that, as you might expect, unidirectionally rotates. One of the best things about this Casio Duro watch is its water resistance rating. It’s perfectly suited for swimming, fishing, Jacuzzis, and relatively shallow dives, but probably not for deep diving. The 200m diving rating could be misleading if you’re not an experienced diving watch enthusiast.

I’ve been collecting watches since I bought a ‘Rowex’ for a fiver from a mate when I was 10. He told me you pronounced it Rolex and that’s how it all started. These days I still tend to stick to the more affordable end of the market.

And will you just do a review on the MRW-200 already? It hasn’t been done here yet, and we’ve certainly done even more inexpensive watches. I like the Duro, but Casio really needs to make an all stainless steel MRW. I’d buy a Duro with stainless steel bracelet and no logo, but that is just me.