Buyer’s Guide To Road Bicycles

From World Tour podiums to Sunday morning gravel grinders to epic KOM hunts, our let you add to your personal palmarès with precision aerodynamics, lightweight layup, powerful stiffness, and comfort. The lightest rim and disc brake road bikes you’ll ever ride – now with a new name. It’s not as snappy as the Tarmac when you push on the pedals, but it does an excellent job of smoothing out square edges on the road. Specialized are firm believers that ‘Smoother is Faster’ but so is aero.

The Imperial Purple Frame was built to last a lifetime, and Shimano Ultegra is the perfect accompaniment. The best way to learn what works for you is to research and compare different makes and models of which you can do easily online, and if you’re just getting into the sport, focus on a good quality frame. We’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting on this front, and we only offer quality bikes.

As standard two chainrings are used today, for gravel or cross bikes there are options with just one. A good choice for road bike riders is a chainset with 52 and 36 teeth, and a cassette with a sprocket of 11 to 30 teeth. If you are riding a lot in the mountains or prefer light gears, you can easily add a wider cassette or choose a compact chainset with 50 and 34 teeth and an cassette. It is important that the riding position of your road bike fits you and your plans. Racers and everyone who wants to ride fast, benefit from an aerodynamic and more stretched position on the bike.

BUILT FOR ENDURANCE Lightweight and balanced, the modern endurance geometry is designed for the female form and delivers a smooth all-day ride experience. POWER TRANSFER Sporting OverDrive and PowerCore technologies, this efficient frameset offers superior stiffness without compromising compliance. COMFORT Liv’s 3F women’s-specific design, composite fork, and ALUXX tubing are ideal for venturing further and riding longer. Why We Love It Stability across the bends in the road, efficient power transfer and ultimate comfort are the result of a well-balanced women’s-specific design.

Road Bikes

With a near encyclopaedic knowledge of cycling tech, ranging from the most esoteric retro niche to the most cutting-edge modern kit, Jack takes pride in his ability to seek out stories that would otherwise go unreported. He is also particularly fond of tan-wall tyres, dynamo lights, cup and cone bearings, and skids. Jack has been writing about and testing bikes for more than five years now, has a background working in bike shops for years before that, and is regularly found riding a mix of weird and wonderful machines. Jack can also often be seen zooming about with his partner aboard their beloved tandem, Cecil. The best under £1,000 are a great place to start if you have a bit more cash and are new to cycling, or if you’re unsure how much riding you’re actually going to be doing.

That made us take a serious look at the H-series in the Avant line. Look for the details that make a difference when selecting your road bicycle. A contoured, ergonomically shaped seat relieves pressure points and feels comfortable during long hours in the saddle, while no-slip handlebar grips prevent slips during long rides. Rim brakes employ a soft rubber brake pad, while disc brakes use a metallic disc as a pad.