Dyson Is Offering 20% Off Their Products For Loyal Customers

A Tineco representative told us that the company “is working on a refurbishment effort,” but that it’s limited right now. Dyson makes a bunch of variations of these high-end models, and they’ve been shuffling in and out of stock constantly for the second half of 2021. A representative from Dyson told us that the V15 Detect will be hard to find through at least the rest of 2021 because of the same supply-chain problems affecting many industries, but the V11 Animal should be widely available.

Stark’s Vacuums has grown to be one of the largest independent vacuum cleaner retailers in the country, with nine locations and more than 250 vacuums to choose from. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to help you find the model that’s best for your home and budget. We can help you decide on accessories and features, choosing a vacuum that’s a perfect fit for your lifestyle and health concerns. And with Stark’s Low Price Guarantee and extended warranty, you can buy your shark cordless vacuum with total confidence. But it is dynamite on hard floors, especially the deep multi-colored brown tile in my kitchen, which is always difficult to spot where dirt lays. Below, find the four best vacuums we tested, the pros and cons of each and unique features to help guide your new cleaner decision.

We’ll mostly reference the V8 in this section, but our points largely apply to the V7, as well. And if you’re looking for information on the higher-end V15 or V11, our upgrade picks, or the okay-with-caveats V10, that comes later in this guide. But there’s nothing like a real-world mess, so I also let the rugs around my house get dirty for a few weeks before a big batch of testing.

We nearly made the cheapest version of the LG CordZero the runner-up pick in this guide, and buying this vacuum instead of a Tineco S11 or a shark cordless V8 is a reasonable choice. The LG CordZero isn’t as lightweight or smooth-steering as the Tineco S11, but it does have noticeably stronger suction. On the other hand, this LG model’s regular on/off power toggle is much more comfortable than the Dyson V8’s, but this vacuum doesn’t clean rugs quite as well.


One nitpick is that it’s almost too good at lighting up the floor—not just debris but also un-vacuumable, irritating flaws, like scratches and dents and uneven boards, that you might prefer not to know about. The laser’s shade of cyberpunk green might look odd or uninviting to some people, too. Dyson reps told us that the engineers tested other colors but found that green did the best job of highlighting debris.

Realistically, I’m going to spend at least an extra $1,000 on vacuums over the next few decades than I would if I had just stuck with something sensible like a Shark Navigator plug-in. The V11 Animal variant should be in stock through the rest of 2021; it’s not quite as feature-packed as the V15, but it’s still phenomenal on rugs, and it does have the super-useful automatic suction-adjustment mode. The V11 Torque Drive might be available from some retailers, too; it’s like the V11 Animal, with a real-time battery-life countdown. You could also consider the pricier, bulkier Dyson Outsize models, which have larger bins and wider brushes than the V11 and V15, plus an extra battery pack, but otherwise perform similarly. We measured how much sand, baking soda, dust, and hair each vac pulled from two types of rugs, plus bare floors. We’ve tested more than 25 current cordless vacuums priced from $100 up to nearly $1,000, and dozens more since 2014.