Intex 10′ X 30″ Easy Set Backyard Pool Set

For the Intex Kiddie pools, let’s start with the Summer Sunset Glow that has a size of 58 inches in diameter by 13 inches in depth. It has a volume of 73 gallons if filled up to 9.5 inches of its height. A body of water is a natural relaxant and a mere intex baby float glimpse of your pool will help you unwind. Choosing the perfect fiberglass pool size and shape will increase your enjoyment of the time spent outside the pool as well as in. Needless to say, IMHO I would definately go wider if you have the space.

At 30″ deep and 10′ wide, this round inflatable pool will provide you, your family and your friends with endless hours of splash time and wonderful memories to be made. We’re working on adding columns for granular and tablet form sanitizer to this page. In the meantime, check the instructions on the bucket you purchased. Your pool is about 1,200 gallons so use that for your pool size. Once you get the initial startup amount put it, start monitoring your chlorine levels using a test kit. But as it runs out, consider switching to plain liquid bleach, as it is more cost effective and does not add any other chemicals to your water.

10x30 pool

While Intex pools aren’t the same as permanent swimming pools, they still require similar chemical maintenance. Not only for keeping the water germ-free and swimmers safe, but also to preserve the swimming pool itself. When Intex pools turn cloudy or green, check the chemistry and chlorine levels, and also increase your daily filtration, to correct and prevent poor water quality. Testing the pool water is intex purespa the only way to know if your water balance and sanitizers are at the right levels. I would recommend daily testing at first, until you come to understand how your pH and chlorine levels fluctuate, then you can reduce testing to 2-3x per week. Once the pool is open, it is extremely important to maintain a constant and consistent level of chlorine in the water, as tested by your test strips or test kit.

Regardless of size, a fiberglass pool is an affordable luxury that should reflect your personal taste. After all, you’ll be the one admiring and enjoying it day after day. Whether or not you opt for automatic cleaning depends to a large extent on the size of your Intex pool and the extent to which you use it.

So, you should check your swimming pool regularly with the help of the test strips and read the guidelines that are supplied with the pH raisers and lowers. The drain plug accepts a garden hose to drain water away from the pool area as desired. For best results, replace your filter intex purespa cartridge with a new one every 2 weeks. Keep your pool clean and long lasting for years to come. At 540 gallons per hour, it will take about nine hours to fill a 5,000-gallon pool with your 1/2-inch hose. Multiplying that by the average depth gives the volume in cubic feet.

Enjoy the added bennefit of total relaxation with a built-in spa. Help improve circulation and escape from the daily grind. Melt away built up stress and treat yourself to some well deserved me time. Wading areas are similar to tanning ledges but offer more water depth. Water depth of a wading area can vary and is approximately 14”-18” of water.