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To me, it smells like overpriced lipstick and working in an office 9 to 5. I have a tester of this that I wore for the day. It lasted allll the way until I showered and the base notes are still going strong on my shirt in the laundry bin some 12 hours after spritzing. I did a spray on my chest and a few drops on my wrists, and boy does a little go a long way. Idôle by Lancome is a Chypre Floral fragrance for women.

People make it seem like this scent is a disgrace to the fragrance industry, and it’s just not true. Very juicy fruity much like L’Imperatrice but a more dense, Lancome version of it. The fruity Estee Lauder makeup opening lasts a long time, doesn’t develop much but the rose does come through a bit later. If you like L’Imperatrice and fragrances like it but want better longevity you’d like this.

The aquatic accord is quite prominent on my skin, which I surprisingly like. The rose is overwhelming to my nose. In general I’m not a fan of dominant rose.

It reminds me of a lighter version of Tresor. Structured like a kaleidoscope, Idôle’s fragrant accords radiate from its heart. Simply by wearing Idôle a distinctive scent identity is created. Harnessing the essence of the woman wearing it, Idôle becomes a declaration of her intention to be herself.

While, its long-lasting lipstick pigments last for up to eight-hours. Its sophisticated, softly deep, clean and fresh without being citrusy…to me the drydown its a better bvlgary rose edp. Pure, clean, extremely feminine as a dew drop on a rose,it’s a very classy and discrete scent to wear mainly by day. With its alluring scent and sharp thorns, the rose symbolises the complexity of femininity.

idole lancome

I think this is one of the simplest fragrances I own so far, but I actually really like it. I catch myself opening the bottle just to sniff it. I can see why Zendaya was tapped to model for this scent. She has that quality of being both beautiful and accessible, like Idôle. Powder and rose, unfortunatelly they only look beautiful though without any thought, strong chemical. It’s like walking past a florist and trying to buy flowers and finding out they’re fake.

There isn’t one particular note that pierces through offensively here – it mingles together. I am sensitive to pear and for me it doesn’t fade but remains prominent throughout the wear of this scent. It is not the syrupy pear I find cloying in RL Woman or Givenchy L’interdit but it is also not sharp or green.

I don’t hate it, but the way the rose-powder duo bothered my sinuses after a while doesn’t sit well with me. If you love roses and want something straightforwardly rosy definitely try this out. I do have to say, I LOVE the bottle.

I will say this- I layered it with Narciso Poudree which was able to soften the scent and makes it wearable. Still not Estee Lauder makeup a favourite by any means, but this definitely helped its wearability. I thought i’d hate it because of the reviews.