Experimenting with Online Smoke Shop’s wonderful devices is a blast. At Thick Ass Glass, we’re fully stocked with thick, high-quality water pipes for an unparalleled tobacco and herb smoking experience. A water pipe or water bong purifies your smoke in water before reaching your lungs and offers smokers an extremely clean drag from their products. We carry glass water pipes and bongs in all shapes and types, each of which is guaranteed to give you a smooth, full-flavored hit with every use. We also carry a wide range of sizes, including everything from 2 ft. bongs to 18 in. View our entire selection below, and find the best water pipes and bongs suited for your smoking style.

We are constantly adding new glass pipes for sale and are always looking for the newest trends in weed smoking devices. We have an extensive selection of quality glass bongs for sale, as well as bubblers and all things water filtration—freeshipping over $79 & quick, discreet shipping. Bongs are often either glass or plastic that use a bowl, stem, and water to produce smoke. Most glass bongs are made from heat resistant borosilicate glass, allowing the bong to withstand repeated use and heat exposure without breaking. To smoke a bong, the smoker must inhale in the bong so bubbles containing smoke begin to come from the stem.


They’ve created one of the coolest percs we’ve ever seen. The Busy Bee Bong stands at a foot tall and features a whimsical hand painted display of buzzing bees. A classic beaker, the Mini Trap Tube by High Meds stands 8 inches tall and is adorned with leaf printed graphics all over. This 12″ percolator bong is the latest from Diamond and we couldn’t be more excited. A modified straight shooter, your smoke will first burst throu… Elevate your smoking experience with this beautiful 15 inch Matrix Straight Shot Water Pipe by Diamond Glass.

Avid smokers love the refreshing taste and potent hits that are produced from the for sale in our collection. Water filtration effectively removes unwanted particles or carcinogens and reduces the impact on a person’s throat caused by hot smoke. In recent years, the rise of uniquely designed glass water pipes has generated a huge interest in a pipe’s overall style and originality.

The Pipe is discrete and stylish; designed to be taken on the go easily. Smooth hits, clean lines, quality glass and the protective silicone carry case make this glass pipes pipe the perfect travel piece. Or if you’re in the market for a new glass bong, check out our massive list of options for durable and reliable water pipes.

(Plus, you could literally use it as a vase, if you’re taking a tolerance break.) Handmade in Brooklyn, these high-end treasures are meant to be appreciated as functional art. The water in these pipes make hits from joints super smooth but without the dorm room vibe of a bong. Teeny bubbler measures 4.25″ tall. Colors vary and you will get a mystery color! The water in these pipes make hits super smooth but without the dorm room vibe of… These generally have a wider base to balance out the skinny body design.

The bong is incredibly easy to clean, so much so that I didn’t have to scrub an inch after soaking mine in this bong cleaner. I didn’t know it was possible for a bong to have my heart, but this one does. Smoking accessories, water pipes you can improve your bong’s cooling and filtration ability with percolators. Keep debris out of your bong water and add that extra bit of water filtration to your hit by attaching an ash catcher to your bong setup.