Countertop And Kitchen Blenders

The interface is easy to use, offering seven speed options, and the blending pitcher, though made of high-quality, dishwasher-safe glass, has a small 40-ounce capacity. This blender combines 1,400 watts of power along with strong blades to crush ice for your smoothies, frozen drinks, and ice cream, all at the touch of a button. The Instant Pot Ace Blender ($70) is one of the most affordable high-performance blenders we’ve come across.

Earning the most weight out of any of our rating metrics, the set of tests comprising our Smoothie metric take credit for 30% of the total score. We ranked and compared the performance of each blender at making a green smoothie, fruit and oat smoothie, and a berry smoothie, as well as an Oreo malt. If you do not find a stainless-steel base, make sure that the plastic is high quality.

Again, I really really wanted to hate this thing and didn’t buy one for the longest time because I considered it useless. Now it’s the only electric kitchen tool that remains permanently plugged in on my counter other than a Kitchen-Aid six-quart mixer. Overall, the Cuisinart Compact Portable Blending/Chopping System is ideal for anyone who uses a blender regularly and wants something compact and affordable. We found the blender to be extremely loud, and it shook a little bit when running on high power. Everything about the Cuisinart is intuitive, from the blade assemblies to the touch-button controls to the lids.

Just press down on the big silver button on the very top of the unit and pulse as needed. An immersion blender is a very flexible and convenient tool to have around the kitchen, whether you’re blending a soup over the stove, whirling breadcrumbs or whipping cream. These handheld blenders are especially great for small kitchens as they can easily be stowed in a kitchen drawer or pantry.

It features a simple control panel with an on/off switch, a variable speed switch, and a dial for varying the power level yourself. It has no extra buttons or specialized settings—but we didn’t miss them. This is just a straightforward, extremely efficient high-performance blender packing a ton of power. KitchenAid and Cuisinart both offer a range of high-quality immersion blenders at similar price points.

Other than the Velocity, you can’t really find countertop options in this price range. Our last choice – and the cheapest except for the two-speed Smart Stick – is the Smart Stick Variable Speed. It’s basically just a small step up from the Two-Speed, and that could be exactly what you’re looking for. Of course, the real selling point of the Smart Stick is its price.

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All the blades are made from stainless steel, which lasts for a long time and is rust-resistant. This blender can make smoothies, take cuisinart griddler elite out juices and make yourself frozen drinks as well. The blades of the blender can blend smoothies to perfection without any chunks.

We also considered whether or not the blender had a self-cleaning function. Personal blenders are smaller machines designed to take up much less space in your kitchen and make one-off rather than larger batched recipes. Most are set up to take your blended smoothie immediately on the go straight from the base with the addition of a sippable lid.

If you’re looking to use mostly powders and liquids, this would be a good tool, but for anything with more mass than that, the BlendJet 2 falls short. The KitchenAid High-Performance Blender ($430) is the high-performance model from the same company as out budget category winner but not worth the steeper price tag. In almost every category the conventional five-speed KitchenAid outperformed this one. Is a streamlined but powerful model that blends, chops, minces, grinds and more, simplifying all types of food and beverage prep. Turn the blender jar upside down on a flat, sturdy surface.

When she’s not on the frontline, she loves to share her passion for juicing and smoothies. If you need a blender that cooks soup up on its own, you might want to check the Ninja Cold and Hot Blender. Hot Soups—In can process hot items, but you need a separate pot to heat your soup ingredients. When doing so, take the lid cap off to prevent pressure build-up.