Field Testing The Casio Pro Trek Smart Outdoor Watch

I would say the PRG-600 is positioned as a mid-range analog-digital Pro Trek whereas the PRW-6000 is more towards the high-end. After weeks of researching on all Protrek models, I will choose both PRW 2500 and PRW 3500 are the head to head winners. In fact I prefer baby g shock the PRW 2500 to PRW 3500 however the PRW 3500 has Version 3 sensors and the PRW 2500 only has the version 2 but in addition, it has the tide and moon function. Where would you put this watch in the lineup of the nine pro trek watches you describe in your article?

First off, if you’re into fishing, the first thing you’ll want to do is connect to the app and specify which of the roughly 3,3000 ports and fishing spots worldwide you plan to visit. Once done, your watch , will give you information on the best times for fishing, a tide graph, sunrise and sunset times, and moon data. If you do manage to catch something, push the record button on your watch and the app will record your current fishing location, time and date, and environmental conditions. Finally, all your information can easily be exported and shared. It has the best operating system, WatchOS, which is slick with plenty of apps to help reduce the number of times you need to pull out your phone. The bigger screen means you also can use a full-screen keyboard for swipe-typing short messages too.

It also sports an electroluminescent backlight for optimum visibility, even in the dark. It’s tough as nails and has tons of features that make it one of the best you can get your hands on. The titanium bracelet is a great selling point as many users prefer a “classy” band for work purposes. You get tons of great watch baby g shock functions with the PAG240T Pathfinder watch that can help you at the office or in the woods. The full auto LED backlight with afterglow fully illuminates the digital display so you can see the time with a quick glance even at night. You can turn your wrist to activate the backlight without fumbling with buttons.

It features Tough Solar power to keep the juice flowing and Triple Sensors which include altimeter, barometer, digital compass and thermometer. These are important features to have if you spend time outside or on the water. By the way, it’s also water-resistant up to 200m/660ft and can be used for water sports and professional marine activity, but not suitable for diving. Easy to set up, these smart outdoor watches featuring Climber Line, Multi-Field Line, and Manaslu Line inspire adventurous and sports minds. The heart rate monitor tracks your fitness levels and keeps you ready for every situation. These tough timepieces come with outstanding features, including Bluetooth, multiband 6, solar charging, stainless-steel bezel, stopwatch, digital compass, barometer, and thermometer with a resin band.

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It has Tough Solar which draws power from natural UV rays and multi-band 6. The digital compass is handy to have for outdoor treks and the altimeter, barometer and thermometer round out to make this one of the best outdoor watches you will find. The stainless steel Pro Trek PRW-3500T is the perfect fit for users who prefer a “metallic” look. It has Tough Solar power to keep your Casio watch battery performing long term and the digital dial has a stainless steel rotating bezel that adds to the sophistication. This is an ABC watch that has a triple sensor with a digital compass, thermometer, barometer and altimeter.

This watch runs on Wear OS, so you’ll have Google Assistant on your wrist whenever you need it. Of all of us, he is more likely to be out of cell phone range on any given day. The Pro Trek provides location-based real-time tidal info handily. I can totally understand my brother not wanting to refer to a phone when out boating, not to mention the possibility of dropping it or just getting it wet while netting a fish or whatever.

By the end of this article, you would already have a clear idea of which one is best suited for your style and needs. While the backlight is incredibly bright, every time you press another button while the backlight is activated, the backlight shuts off. This makes navigating your watch at night virtually impossible task if you haven’t memorized your menu settings. The watch weighs in at only 62 grams — a light weight compared to its competitors.

I have not tested the other sensors but I would recommend this watch for time keeping and other functions. The PRT-B70 comes in three colorways — black, blue, and khaki/green. I could certainly see the blue appealing to those spending time on the water, but I’m personally most partial to the black and khaki/green.

I stand by that assessment, but it’s a different story for the PRT-B70. Being so impressed with the function and accuracy of the PRG-600, I subsequently imported the PRW-7000 from Japan. I turned off the atomic time sync and perform it manually once a month. My favorite feature on the is the ability to choose for the barometer to update every 30 minutes or the standard 2 hours. Hope they will launch a new watch which in-built with moon and tide function using Version 3 sensors, or even version 4. Alternatively, if you want to follow a predetermined route without having to retrace your steps, you can use the Garmin Connect app or the website to generate a course and export it the watch.

(Not to mention they’re Wear OS watches that won’t get the update to the latest version). Here are a few options we like but don’t recommend as highly. Out of all the watches in this guide, the Retro Pilot looks the most like an analog watch. It’s attractive, if a bit masculine, and you can get it in different face and case colors. I like it for checking notifications, which does require a bit of work on your part. In the companion app, you can set an app to a specific hour.