Casio Protrek Smartwatch Simplifies, Enhances Golf Experience

Dimensions are 56.0 x 47.1 x 12 millimeters and the weight is 68 grams. The PRG is an affordable watch and like most Pro Trek models has one-button access to compass, barometric pressure, altitude, and temperature readings. It is a good alternative to the G-Shock Rangeman if shopping for an ABC sensor watch on a budget. The Rangeman g shock watch costs significantly more and the Pro Trek PRG2-70 is priced similarly to the G-Shock Mudman which only has the Twin Sensor with a compass and thermometer. Like G-Shock, Pro Trek is another Casio brand that is designed for outdoor activities and aimed at outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers, backpackers, campers, and climbers.

It’s called Wear OS 3, and it was co-developed by Google, Samsung, and Fitbit (the latter is now Google-owned). As we’ve seen on the Galaxy Watch4, it delivers better performance, longer battery life, and includes more third- and first-party apps, along with robust health and fitness improvements. Logging an activity, on the other hand, is initiated by pressing the GPS (top-right) button and then selecting the appropriate sport. There’s a huge list to choose from that includes run, trail run, walk, treadmill, hike, climb, bike, ski, row, pool swim, strength, cardio and yoga. The standout mode as far as this extensive list is concerned is open water.

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When you’re out in the wilderness enjoying these types of activities, you need a reliable GPS. Fortunately, the Casio Pro Trek has built-in GPS and full-color mapping functionality with the option to download maps for offline use. The Amazfit g shock watch T-Rex is far more versatile than the Casio Pro Trek. If you want to enjoy a broad range of sport modes, this is the watch for you. Take your wearable for a run on the treadmill, hit the elliptical, go for a hike, or swim some laps.

It is extremely convenient while out on some unfamiliar route somewhere and compliments a topographic map nicely. I have noticed though, just like most all other barometric devices, that it needs calibration from time to time. Overall an excellent watch, though dated a bit now by the newer solar models available. While they probably wouldn’t be your first choice for a professional dive watch, they do quite well in water. You can wear them while you shower, swim and do water sports with no issue.

It also has a motion for a night light that can be activated by turning your wrist. The solar power energy will last approximately 7 months or longer without exposing it to additional sunlight. You can get a full charge on your watch battery within a few hours in direct sunlight. That makes this a perfect choice for backpackers, hikers and those who enjoy a day on the lake where you can soak up plenty of sunlight to power your battery. Introducing the new Pro Trek PRW2500, a high performance tool developed under the supervision of meteorologists to take on challenging environments.

Combined, all five will provide excellent functionality for the wearer. Top it off with its impressive level of durability, and you have one unique outdoor digital watch. You can’t see notifications, but the PRT-B50 tracks steps and can automatically adjust the time to wherever you are in the world.

This digital watch comes in five color variations, which further expands its appeal. Featuring the classic G-Shock aesthetic, think of the DW9052-IV as a back to basics digital watch that showcases what makes G-Shock unique. We highly recommend the g shock watch 3000 to anyone interested in beginning an outdoor adventure campaign. While better models do exist on the market, the Casio ProTrek is a great introduction to the world of advanced watch data collection. Once you’ve figured it out, you must flip back through the phone’s interface to reset the alarm and deactivate the snooze button.