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There’s no need to compromise when it comes to finding skincare that is effective and safe. This product will be added to your basket automatically if your order qualifies for a free gift. Envelop and comfort your complexion with Lancome Absolue Soft Cream, a regenerating brightening cream that will help to leave skin more revitalised and luminous.

Using your fingertips with a tapping motion, apply small pearls of the serum to the skin on the eye contour. Lastly, the main draw of this moisturizer is its anti-aging benefits (all the five-star reviews point this out, along with its hydrating properties). Although that wasn’t something I noticed on my skin per se during my testing period, I could definitely see it being possible with extended use. Once it’s all worked in, it feels soft and velvety—my skin looked notably hydrated.

Lancôme Absolue Revitalizing & Brightening Soft Cream is a creamy yet lightweight face moisturizer that visibly brightens, firms, and nourishes skin with up to 24-hour hydration. Absolue Soft Cream is formulated to be one of Lancôme’s most hydrating moisturizers. This luxurious cream infuses skin with intense hydration, leaving skin looking luminous and dewy. Absolue Soft Cream accelerates the surface cell renewal process for improved skin exfoliation, leaving skin feeling smoother, suppler, and with a more even appearance. Absolue Revitalizing Eye Cream was a favourite, best applied softly iwth fingertips each night just before applying your rich or soft cream.

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Overall, Formulyst Age Defying Daily Moisturizer helps to keep skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and looking its most radiant. The Lancôme Absolue collection consists of creams, masks, serums, powders, and eye care products. All of these products are claimed to help retexturize the complexion and reveal more luminous, bright skin. With that being said, we’ll still discuss three of the bestselling Lancôme Absolue products below. The newest hero in the collection and one we were very intrigued to try is the new Absolue soft cream, enriched with three roses . Its an alternative to the Absolue Rich cream, a-not-so-thick in texture option and perfect for day or night.

Pinch the gold tabs and twist the empty capsule counterclockwise until it releases. Then, insert the replacement capsule by twisting it clockwise into place. Last but not least, peel back the foil cover from your refill and enjoy. We do a Best of INCIDecoder email once a month with the most interesting products and ingredients we bump into. A common fragrance ingredient with a nice rose-like smell. A helper ingredient that can boost the performance and enhance the delivery of active ingredients.

Helps to set the pH of a cosmetic formulation to be right. A vegetable wax coming from the leaves of the Brazilian tropical palm tree, Copernicia cerifera. Similar to other waxes, Lancome makeup it is used to stabilize and give body to products. Normal (well kind of – it’s purified and deionized) water. It’s pH dependent and works best at acidic pH levels (3-5).

Because of these red flags, I was a little concerned that I would break out from the moisturizer (which thankfully didn’t happen!). As someone who’s constantly in search of a nourished, healthy-looking glow, I’m always down to try a new moisturizer. There’s always the possibility that the next one—from a drugstore steal to an under-the-radar luxe cream—could be the one. In my opinion, “the one” is non-irritating, thick , and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.