Intex Mariner 3 Person Inflatable Dinghy Boat & Oars Set + Boat Motor Mount Kit

It also features two 48-inches long aluminum oars on each side of the boat with reliable welded locks. The oarlocks are convenient to have, so you don’t need to keep holding the paddles. You can leave them with the clasp on, and the oars will stay in their place. Looking for the perfect 4-person inflatable boat for various boating and outdoor activities? Then, the Mariner 4 by Intex is the perfect inflatable raft for you. You can use it either for a camping trip, for fishing, or even just for some leisurely cruising.

Above this layer of protection, an all-around nylon grab line can be seen, which you can use to divide manpower when transporting the boat. The construction of the Intex Challenger K1 is also impressive for its price. With the use of heavy duty, puncture-resistance vinyl, you can use the kayak on lakes or non-rapid rivers without fear of puncturing intex purespa an air chamber. Last, the Mariner from Intex’s “Professional Series” is an upgrade from the Seahawk and Excursion with heavier duty fabric, and a more durable construction. Both the 3 and 4 person Mariner are compatible with a trolling motor with the addition of the Intex Motor Mount. It even has an aluminum floor for extra strength and stability.

We have detailed information about all essential factors ensuring you’re buying the best product based on your needs in the last section of the guide. Hi Angela, just like you would charge a mobile phone battery, you need to charge the trolling motor battery. Regardless of the thrust of your electric trolling motor, you can reach a maximum speed of 4-5 MPH.

Another nice feature of the Seahawk 4 is that it is compact enough to easily fit in the trunk of a normal car. So if you don’t have the room for a full boat or if you don’t have a truck to hook a trailer up to, an inflatable boat like the Seahawk 4 is a great option. There’s little chance of you getting on the water with a setup like that and fishing for less money. If you’re interested in seeing what creative people have done with the humble Seahawk 4, I’d recommend you check out custom setups on YouTube.

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The Intex Mariner 4 is a four-person blow-up boat that comes complete with two aluminum oars and a high output air pump to get you out on the water faster. Inflatable boats are an excellent option for those who intex purespa want to fish or relax on the water without the expense of a traditional boat. The best inflatable boats and dinghies are portable and lightweight so they can be transported right in the trunk of your car.