The Dyson V15 Detect’s Laser Proved My Apartment Was Never Really Clean

Especially in the corners where you normally do not look well, or cannot reach, it is now noticeable how much dust collects there. In addition, you can also see the number of particles increasing in the display. Very nice, but whether you will continuously pay attention to that; new. Incidentally, this is used for the automatic mode of the vacuum cleaner; based on the number of particles it ‘sees’, it adjusts the suction power. Very handy, for example on a carpet that needs to be cleaned more thoroughly.

The accessories are easy to attach and remove, and make a satisfying clicking sound when locked into place. Dyson also makes a version of this vacuum called the V15 Detect+, which features an upgraded filtration system that can capture particles down to 0.1 microns, such as pet dander and diesel soot. That model costs $749.99, and is only available for purchase on Dyson’s site. The Detect+ vacuum is Dyson’s most powerful cordless vacuum with whole-machine HEPA filtration.ˣ Available in gold exclusively from Dyson.

The only slight misses were on kitty litter and sugar where it removed 99% and 98% respectively with our particular carpet type the V15 had trouble engaging the highest suction levels. Not only did find it much better than average with smoothly picking up debris on the forward and backward pass. It’s designed shark cordless with a kind of corkscrew-shaped brush roll that routes hair off the brush. Another kind of macro thing to know is that Dyson brought back the popular soft roller or fluffy hard floor attachment for the V15 Detect. All the Dyson cordless vacuums here except for the V10 have a single button interface.

With a collection of cameras, locks, and alarms, SimpliSafe ensures your home is secure inside and out. The wireless outdoor camera keeps an eye on the perimeter with a 140-degree ultra-wide-angle view of your property. It captures crisp, 1080p HD footage day or night, and can be integrated with smart locks, video doorbells, and window sensors for a complete security system. Each piece is easy to install and is monitored 24/7 by professional agents, ready to dispatch police, fire, and paramedics in case of an emergency. The vacuum comes with a wall mount bracket docking station where it charges in our laundry room. Or you can choose to charge simply without it using a regular outlet.

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A precisely angled laser makes invisible dust visible on hard floors, so you don’t miss anything. To maintain optimum suction power, Dyson recommends washing the V15 Detect’s filter at least once a month. You simply twist the filter off by turning it counterclockwise, then gently tap it into your trash can to remove loose dust and debris, and wash it with warm water. A precisely-angled laser makes invisible dust visible on hard floors – so you don’t miss anything.

When I need to clean my stairs I always swap to the handheld version , as it’s much easier to maneuver. For that, I make use of the Slim Fluffy Cleaning Head because it’s made of a soft nylon brush that won’t scratch my wood floors / stairs. To clean that gross crevice in between the stove and my kitchen counters where, for whatever reason, a plethora of crumbs live, I swap to the Crevice Tool.

Its timeless silhouette is crafted in Portugal using an A-Grade leather upper made with vertically-sourced hides from American steer. Perforated buckskin lining wraps your feet in a soft, breathable lining, while a heat-activated insole molds to each foot for superior cushion and support. There’s a reason why Rolling Stone rated these as the #1 best overall dress shoe in 2021. The idea of the laser light detection came about when a Dyson Engineer noticed that airborne particles in their home glistened in the sunlight.

The Hair Screw tool had zero issue removing hair from the sofa. It easily removed all hair and zero hair strands tangled around the brushroll. The V15 was able to remove 99.4% of the total debris by weight that we tested against. Right out of the gate, let’s hit performance since this is arguably the most important parts of any vacuum cleaner.

There has been an incremental power boost in the main vacuum unit over previous models, which I’ll get to in a minute. However, the headline innovations in this vacuum bissell crosswave cordless cleaner are mostly at floor level. The new anti-tangle High Torque cleaner head features 56 polycarbonate teeth that prevent hair from tangling around the bristles.