Saltwater System For Easy Set 15 X 48 Intex?

Your receipt will be required to prove purchase date. For more information on cleaning cell plates, please read our article – How to Clean Chlorinator Plates. Continuous operation can sometimes result in calcium build intex baby float up on the cell plates but by switching polarity in the cell unit the build up is mostly prevented. Calcium hardness must be balanced because high levels can lead to scaling and low levels will cause corrosion.

The scope of delivery includes a 2 “connection hose as well as the two adapters A and B for connection to above-ground pools with Ø 32mm connections. • Remove the cell for inspection, clean it if necessary. • Drain about 20% of the pool water and • High copper ion concentration. POOL IS STAINED add fresh water to decrease the copper ion concentration below 0.2ppm.

intex saltwater system

They replaced it the first time under warranty, but now even though the salt cell is bad again, they don’t have them instock to even replace it. Everyone loves how simple this system is to connect to the pumps they’re already using. We haven’t heard any complaints about the set-up. There should be no problem getting four to five years of use out of your Krystal Clear system if you maintain it per the instructions in your owner’s manual.

Set the chlorine generator according to the instruction manual for the amount of hours the chlorine is generated. When activated, the chlorine generator makes a low amount of chlorine constantly. Set the generator, so that it runs near the time you usually swim, but not while you are swimming. To avoid peak utility charges and ran it initially for three hours.

Intex also recommends using the boost cycle for the first use. The chlorinator cell housing is clear allowing you to quickly assess the condition of the cell. Manual cleaning is facilitated by removing the cell plates and submersion in either an acid solution or a pre-made solution available from your pool store. You can check your manufacturer’s instructions to see what’s the right amount of pool salt for your model. Below is a convenient table of typical Intex pools with their water capacities to help select the best for your pool range and size. Keep in mind that Black Friday offers some of the best prices during the year, so it’s a good idea to shop for everyone on your shopping list.

Please enter the confirmation code we emailed you to continue. Although this should be a consideration while you are purchasing your system, this does not overwrite the need to regularly clean your system. Cleaning should be done normally, just not as often. No reviews availableBe the first to write a review about this product. Upon receipt of the returned product, the Intex Service Center will inspect the item and determine the validity of the claim.

Nothing else loses voltage so I jumped 12 volts to the cells voltage terminal and presto The unit is making chlorine. The low salt lite and code 91 are still present but the cell keeps it’s voltage. With this model, it is recommended to add 3 – 4kg of salt per 1,000L of pool water. This model of salt water chlorinator has a compact case with digital control panel. The second stage, and thanks to the ECO process, divides the water molecules into very powerful oxidants that destroy organic pollutants, such as bacteria and algae.

Pool water is softer and gentler to the pool users and the Intex pool’s filtration system. Super easy to integrate and plumb into the system. Due to peak season shopping, carriers may be delayed in delivering orders.