Best Portable Grills For Barbecuing Outdoors

The value of your portable grill depends on your cooking needs and how long you hope to use it for. A basic, more affordable grill might get you through a backyard-bash, but a more expensive product will tend to last longer, even under more rigorous or extensive use. Simple grilling, like burgers and dogs, can be done on any portable grill.

This portable grill comes with a 10-year warranty, and it’s the clear choice for anyone who loves Weber’s full-size kettle grill. The GoBQ also performed well, cultivating a steady and hot fire, and has a robust 185 square inches of grilling space. It’s a little more expensive than some on the market, but it’s built to last.

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This creates set-it-and-forget-it functionality—you don’t need to fiddle with dials or vents to reach the desired temperature. It also means you’ll need access to an electrical outlet, so keep that in mind before picking up a portable pellet grill. Pellet grills weber charcoal grill are usually used at low temperatures to smoke meat, but they can also be used at higher temperatures. Most manufacturers cap out between 400°F and 500°F, which is comparable to cooking over gas but the grill won’t get quite as hot as cooking over charcoal.

The Traveler performed well in all our tests, boasting even heat throughout its 320 square inches of cooking space. That’s almost double the cooking space offered by the Weber Q 1200, which only has 189 square portable bbq inches. With the Traveler’s large cooking surface, you could easily grill 14 to 15 burgers, at the same time. Like the Q 1200, the Traveler has a single gas burner and cooks over cast-iron grates.

The frame was surprisingly sturdy and did a great job at high-heat cooking, but because there are no vents or lid, it didn’t do well on the chicken tests. There was no way to control the heat, so the chicken either burned over direct heat without cooking through inside or it was still undercooked after an hour over indirect heat. You also can’t move the grill until it completely cools down, and the ashes blow around everywhere because it lacks an ash catcher bucket. It’s a great grill if you’re looking for a cheap way to cook hotdogs at the beach, but we wouldn’t recommend it for heavy-duty use. This portable grill can be used with either wood or charcoal and, as its name suggests, if you remove its grill grates, it can be used as a firepit.

Though the grill weighs a hefty 30 pounds, the comfortable side handles make it easy to carry. This handsome, lightweight propane-powered grill has modern Scandinavian design cues like a wood-faced handle, stainless steel folding legs, and boxy lid with triangular vent holes. The 16×9-inch grilling surface is made from a non-stick ceramic and rests over a stainless drip tray, both easily removable for washing. An integrated Piezo ignitor blasts off a powerful 8,500 Btus of indirect, hot dog-roasting heat. Overall, Ginevra recommends looking for a heavy duty grill with a steel grilling surface, which brought us to this small propane gas table-top grill.

The split Y propane hose creates two temperature-controlled cooking zones, which is unique considering that most portable gas grills only have one temperature control knob. After assembling each of the grills, my goal was to assess the size of each grill’s cooking surface, as well as its weight and shape, fuel type , ease of transport, and overall performance. The Biolite’s grill surface is only about 130 square weber charcoal grill inches, so it isn’t as large as some of the other portable grills we tested for this guide. However, we were able to fit and cook four burgers over direct heat or four chicken drumsticks when the coals were arranged to indirect heat. If our top gas pick is out of stock, or you’re looking for a portable grill that’s well suited for cooking for a crowd, we recommend the Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill.

A swiveling metal handle tightly holds the grill together for easy transporting. The Weber Q series may be the best grills we’ve tested, but they’re also the most costly. But Weber’s warranty covers most of the unit for five years, so we think the price is justified. We enlisted fresh bratwurst links to gauge each grill’s ability to handle a grate full of fatty meat. You have the added chore of snuffing out hot coals and emptying ashes after grilling.