Chain For Huffy Beach Cruiser

A Huffy men’s cruiser bike is the leisurely way to get around. Built for comfort, these bikes let you hit the beach to soak up the sun or cruise the neighborhood in mongoose bicycles style. No matter where the ride takes you, you’ll arrive in style. Shop for the best range of quality bicycles online and bike accessories online in Australia.

Necessary information will also be shared that will lead you to a perfect purchase. Cruiser bikes aren’t a popular choice for long distances, like on bike-packing trips. However, for shorter trips around town, like commuting to work, they can fit the bill. With a seven-speed drivetrain, the Schwinn Huron Adult Beach Cruiser Bike is ready to conquer any hills on your urban commute or to accelerate around traffic. Twist shifters help gear changes easy to make on the fly, while front and rear linear pull brakes offer confident stopping power.

The Varsity was offered between 1960 and 1962 as an 8 speed and as a 10 speed between 1963 and 1982. Cruisers were popular throughout the 1930s and 40s and gained greater postwar success. Their combination of substantial weight , single speed mechanicals , and wide tires (26x 2.25″ 559) made the bicycles primarily suited to flat terrain. They were popular with paperboys and bicycle couriers. Enjoy a warm container of coffee, and place it right at your fingertips.

Going 40 miles every few months atop a $1200 two-wheeler on a Saturday is not riding a bike, however. If you do that, I hope that you get yourself a low-tech, heavy bike for about $70 and have some fun again with it. In the Beach Cruiser world, huffy beach cruiser Firmstrong bikes are often the first people prospective buyers will turn to. This is the very definition of the classic cruiser-style bike. In practical terms, the only real difference between the two different styles is one of aesthetics.

huffy beach cruiser

Ronald Reagan is seen riding one in the 1947 Schwinn catalog. You would always feel comfortable with your bike thanks to the upright position and the adjustable handlebars, I mean comfort is fully guaranteed here. The bike is constructed with a very attractive steel frame, it also gives a fine premium look. The dual spring seats ensure maximum comfort wherever you go, and the 2.125-inch wide aluminum wheels will smoothen every kind of disturbance on the road. Not one to compromise on comfort, Huffy also delivers its Perfect Fit frame, which allows the upright riding position and full leg extension typical of cruisers. The lightweight aluminum frame is a perfect match for salty beach-side conditions.