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Instead, bring your grill into a garage, put it under an awning, or tent it with a grill cover . Finally, after all our tests were done, we did routine maintenance, emptying the ash catchers, brushing the grates, and washing out the grills. After much discussion, we also decided not to insist on a built-in cart, with side tables, on our charcoal contenders.

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I managed to get it all in the can every time—something I can’t say about the original plate-style catcher, with which I probably lost an average of about 40 percent of the ashes to the wind. A heat shield just beneath the heat-resistant glass-reinforced nylon lid handle prevents you from burning yourself. The enclosed ash catcher below the grill body is a major upgrade in this version and makes cleanup much easier . Because of their design kettle grills are very versatile and can be used for much more than just grilling up burgers and dogs. They can also be used to barbecue and smoke if you know how to use them.

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Dial thermometers are mechanical so they do not respond to changes in temp instantly like digital thermometers. Cook delicious burgers, juicy steaks, game-day hot dogs and yummy veggies to perfection with a new Weber charcoal grill from Ace Hardware. With the ultimate grilling machine, mastering the art of grilling for special occasions and creating delicious, everyday meals are as simple as lighting the fire on your charcoal grill. Ceramic cookers offer some of the best insulation on the market and result in rock steady temperature control, according to Lilly.

Weber gas barbecues have adjustable burners so that you can have complete control over the temperature, just as easy as using the oven in your kitchen! Don’t worry, you’ll still get that barbecue flavour as the designs have built-in ‘Flavorizer Bars’ that give the right taste as well as distributing the heat and protecting the burners from any fat. If weber genesis 2 you prefer a traditional charcoal barbecue, Weber’s range is made from enamelled porcelain that doesn’t rust and retains heat to ensure that your food cooks evenly. The vent is also made from anti-rust aluminium to allow the air to flow correctly. After grilling over 55 pounds of food, we’ve chosen the Weber Q 1200 as our portable gas grill pick.

These units come with a 10-year warranty on the lid and bowl. This means that the buyer is entitled to free replacements if either of those components should burn or rust through during the first decade of use. Weber’s One-Touch cleaning system, present in both units, is covered for a 5-year period.

Two adjustable charcoal trays allow the temperature of the high gloss, porcelain enameled cast iron grates to be controlled separately. The trays can each be accessed through the two front weber charcoal grill doors so you can add more coals as needed or move them around during cooking. Its ash tray is located beneath the charcoal trays in a drawer that can be pulled out for cleaning.