Bongs, Dab Rigs, & Glass Water Pipes

Make sure you get something you like, something that represents you and something that will enhance your overall smoking experience. Has tons of cool features that make the experience that much better? Some of our favorite cool bongs include the Large Dappled Skull bong, Iridescent Beaker bong and Rainbow Silicone bong. We’ve also got a glass Apple bong, if you’re feeling nostalgic.

They are perfect for smoking all kinds of herbs and smoking mixtures. You can use our big bong at home or get a mini bong to use on the go. You can even order bongs for sale online for under $100 for an affordable smoke session. Hemper makes finding your next bong or glass water pipe simple! We have an amazing cross-section of types and styles to choose from in all different kinds of materials.

Many classic bongs have an ice pinch or ice catch right above the water chamber. These indentations allow you to drop ice cubes into the neck, which cool your smoke directly as it passes over the freezing surface area. Smoking from a hand pipe is nice and convenient, and even an old can or an apple can be used in a pinch, but nothing quite compares to the refreshing feeling of smoking from a water pipe. The addition of water to your smoking equipment makes each hit smoother, cooler and more enjoyable. The percolator is the device contained within the apparatus that is responsible for filtering the smoke through the water.

water pipes

PEX pipes, or polyethylene cross-linked pipe, is our favorite pipe option for water supply lines! It’s affordable, and it’s plastic, water pipes which means it doesn’t leach lead or rust into your water. Unlike CPVC, PEX piping is flexible and not as prone to cracks.

The science behind achieving this perfect ideal is quite interesting. Looking for a complex bong that looks like it came out of a laboratory? We have tons of complex water pipes bongs with advanced features that will give you the most optimal smoking experience. Dry cannabis flowers are packed inside the bong bowl where it will then be lit.

We carry glass water pipes and bongs in all shapes and types, each of which is guaranteed to give you a smooth, full-flavored hit with every use. We also carry a wide range of sizes, including everything from 2 ft. bongs to 18 in. View our entire selection below, and find the best water pipes and bongs suited for your smoking style. Check out the best online head shop for the coolest bongs online for sale. Our high-quality glass water pipes can transform your smoking experience, granting you the coolest, smoothest hits yet. Discover our collection of top tier dab rigs, water pipes and more.