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Buying a water bong online can be a overwhelming at times. Acrylic bongs are a cheaper alternative to glass bongs but still more expensive than silicone. If silicone bongs are just not sturdy enough for you but you don’t want to deal with glass, than acrylic bongs are definitely the solution for you. While they are not shatter proof they are a bit more resilient to accidental drops.

However, we would be lying if we said that all pipes worked equally. We know, as well as all of you do, that the glass market has been flooded with paper thin, bubble-filled, break within a month hand pipes. You don’t see cheap, knock off versions of products that nobody enjoys, do you? That leads us to believe that while it may be the oldest way of smoking, it is still one of today’s most popular ways.

It’s great if you are smoking solo and want something small enough to slide into your pocket. We have one of the largest online selections of vaporizers bongs available. From our selection of $10 or less glass pipes to extremely intricate and ornate pieces, we have the glass pipe for you. Check out some of our glass pipes and grab one for your collection today.

Moreover, you will get a free hand blown glass gift with your purchase. Packages are dispatched every business days and package tracking is a matter of course. Our parcels are being shipped by regisered national postal services /USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail etc./ or by fast and reliable carrier Fedex. We use only premium materials, such as raw silver, 24ct gold, borosilicate glass and American grade non-toxic colors. Strong and durable Pyrex is absolutely healthsafe and heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

You can choose one that is simple or very complex depending on how you like to smoke. If you prefer ice cold smoke, consider getting a bong that has an ice catcher which allows you to add ice cubes to further cool down the smoke. The Cupboard and are based in Cincinnati, Ohio and backed by a family with nearly six decades in the smoking accessory/counterculture industry. Online or off, The Cupboard is known for setting industry trends since our brick and mortar location was founded in 1967. The Cupboard is one of the oldest shops of its type in the United States, and is considered an industry patriarch.

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This glass sherlock holmes pipe is a classic vintage style pipe made by Diamond Glass. Diamond Glass did an excellent job delivering this smooth g… Alice in Wonderland would be extremely proud to know you’re smoking out of a mushroom pipe. A very unique design, in which the mouth piece is the … The Purple Haze Pipe is the perfect pipe for a purple herbal blend!

When loading the bowl you want to make sure to avoid packing it too tightly. If you do, no oxygen will make it through, and you will be prevented from getting a good rip. So pack the bowl nice and full, but loose so it will burn evenly. Not only is this hugely convenient for you, but it also makes sending gifts to your fellow smokers super easy. Don’t let distance be the excuse you give for not gifting your fellow smokers on their special occasions. Don’t worry; we’ll make sure it reaches them just fine.

Take it in your purse, pocket, or backpack so you’re always ready. Have a bowl on one end , as well as an airtight channel that sends the smoke straight to the user. Most pipes have a hole near the bowl that is used to regulate the airflow through the pipe.

You can customize your piece to your liking and add as many percolators as your bong allows. An ash catcher will function as an extra filtration system to catch any ash or small glass pipes weed particles that may have made its way through your water pipe upon inhaling. It can also serve as an additional water filtration to ensure you have the best hits.