Braun Series 5 5018s Wet & Dry Shaver

They are one of the most efficient and fastest cleaning systems on the market. Even if you clean the head thoroughly, there are still hair clippings and gel left inside. It is the case for both series, and that’s where automatic cleaning stations come in. While the closeness of the Braun shavers is not class-leading, they are more or less a benchmark of comfort.

I’ve watched instruction videos on YouTube because I thought I was doing it wrong. I will say that in the patches where it worked, the shave was really good. Just like all other Braun appliances this shaver is also an amalgam of craftsmanship of Germany and the expertise of Braun industries. When disconnected, the hand-held part of this shaving appliance may be used in a bath or shower. For safety reasons this appliance can only be operated cordless. We all know that we can shave easier when our straight razor is sharp.

Having the same efficiency that Series 7 and Series 9 can deliver, the Series 5 has some great models also. They are designed to capture the most hair on a single pass. With just one stroke of the shaver, you will get a clean shave every time with less effort.

A Braun is much smoother and even if it can’t get as close as the Panny when used on facial hair, it’s really close on the head. And 1 other question , when you mentioned the Panny Arc 5 being the closest, how much closer of shave do you actually get? My hair does not grow that fast on my face , but my head is like a lot of dudes faces where you have the 5 o’clock shadow by dinner. I appreciate all that you do and answering every question, thank you again. The Series 5 is in my opinion a significant step up in performance from the Series 3. That said, if you have light facial hair, the difference may not be that significant, especially since the 3000s seems to work quite well for you.

To clarify, you have to detach the foil chamber of the shaver to attach the trimming head. And again, you have to detach the trimmer to attach the foil chamber of the new Series 5 shavers. But most of the users and my coworkers appreciated the new detachable trimming technology.

This will prevent dirt from accumulating inside the cassette. An automatic cleaning cycle will remove any hairs, dead skin or debris you may have missed . Your assumption is correct, you won’t be able to use your existing Remington Shaver cleaning station with the current Series 5 shavers. The 5090cc in this review is actually part of the third generation Series 5. They also use different foils and blades that are now merged into a single piece .

Braun Series 5

It also doesn’t vibrate as much as most Braun shavers when cutting the hairs. Secondly, the head of the 5018s is fixed, so you’ll have to work a bit more in order to maintain the foils flat on the skin. It is a very gentle and smooth shaver provided that you’re not moving the shaving head two fast across the skin. The EasyClean text is even printed right below the shaving head on the front of the razor and it’s also the first feature listed on the product page.

The shaver is fairly comfortable with only a little neck irritation. I like the fact that it can be used both corded and cordless and would only consider buying a shaver that has that feature. Would it be much of an improvement over my series 3 in terms of skin irritation. I don’t have a heavy beard and prefer to shave about twice a week.

This process will make your battery healthier and keep the battery duration consistent. After unplugging the shaver be prepared for your shave and start the power button. You’ll easily find the power button at the front of the shaver that is coated with rubber for soft touch use.