Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max Review

A self-cleaning cycle helps maintain the machine’s cleaning performance. Bissell, 2554 CrossWave Cordless Max All in One Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner and… Bissell proudly supports Bissell pet foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.

There is also a keypad located on top of the unit which enables users to set the desired settings. The controls are simple to operate and allow the user to adjust the speed of the brush head and the power level of the motor. The bissell crosswave cordless Max has been designed to be easy to use and maintain. With its unique features, it is ideal for both residential and commercial applications. The Bissell Crosswave Max has a charging time of four hours, and it runs for 30 minutes.

The controls are also easy to interpret and only a few, which further eases the task to operate the vacuum. Both attribute Clean Out Cycle to flush clean water with the equipment for fast and basic clear out. Nevertheless, there is a difference between this process. The Max models make use of service from the clean water container whereas the Crosswave cordless models make use of water from the docking tray. At the end of a clean, the CrossWave Cordless Max can be placed on its charging dock and also the self-clean button hit to immediately clean the brush.

Get a Demo TodayBissell says its CrossWave Cordless Max lets you vacuum and wash floors at the same time. The vacuum releases clean water while the microfibers mop and bristles scrub, allowing it to clean wet and dry messes. Vacuum cleaner is one of the most important devices for a homeowner. After all, no one loves staying amid dirt and dust. We all need that one tool that helps keep our floors neat and clean. Today there are different types of vacuum cleaners available in the market which makes it difficult for the buyers to choose the right one.

bissell crosswave cordless

Pair with BISSELL Pet Multi-Surface Formula for optimal results. I came across the Bissell CrossWave while researching cordless shark cordless vacuums. Initially, I was just looking for a dry vacuum, but I was intrigued by the CrossWave’s multipurpose design.

The 2596 is exclusive to Bissell, it offers some limited time free bonus and one extra year warranty. To clean, hold the Solution Spray Trigger to apply solution on forward and backward passes. Now that we have seen the specs of the Bissell CrossWave cordless, let us have a look at the features that the device comes equipped with. A 2-year manufacturer’s warranty backs the Bissell CrossWave Cordless. It’s one of the longest from Bissell, seeing that most of their devices carry 1-year guarantees.

I’m Jason Moe Roberts, a 51 years old family guy living near Little Rock. I love testing new appliances, so I’ve started this blog to help you out with choosing the perfect vacuum cleaner. The brush roll cleans itself in its storage tray, to flush out dirt, hair and debris after each use. The Crosswave cordless has a HARD FLOOR switch and also a RUG switch, you press among them to switch on the vacuum cleaner, press the button again will turn it off. This model comes with the powerful 36V lithium-ion battery provides 30 mins of run-time, that’s five more mins than the basic CrossWave Cordless. Not only that, yet considering that cleaning ability has been enhanced, you’ll have the ability to cover a wider location on a single charge.

This cleaner is created to work as a high-performance vacuum, a mop and it dries your floors simultaneously, but just how well does it perform? We put it to the test in our home – you can read the verdict below. I measured the Bissell CrossWave Cordless at 78.7dB, which is around the same volume as I’d expect from a regular cordless vacuum cleaner. I next tackled my light kitchen floor, which gets pretty dirty thanks to my four cats wandering in and out of the garden. Slow and more gentle strokes back and forward picked up the mess, leaving me with gleaming floors.