Portable Bbq Suitcase

In addition, you don’t want a grill with bottom vents that sit above the coal bed; this design reduces airflow and can extinguish the fire prematurely. Portable gas grills come equipped with a coupling that fits 1-pound liquid-propane canisters . These mini propane cylinders are lightweight and packable, and they’re available at most hardware stores.

Shop Ace Hardware today to get the portable grill that’s right for you. Stop by your local Ace Hardware store and talk to a friendly staff member. Full sized grilling capabilities in a portable package – cook anything from roasts to burgers. This grill delivers cooking power up to 20,000 BTU, and it has a pressure-regulator for consistent performance, even in extreme conditions. It also has built-in wind panels to keep your flame going on blustery days.

portable bbq

Grills in this category should be light, small, and comfortable enough to carry from a car into a park or campground. In our tests, steak and chicken cooked quickly and got nice char marks without any flare-ups. Ash falls through the coal holder holes onto the bottom of the grill for a neat grilling experience, and the stainless grill grate is small and easy to wash in your sink once you get home. It’s no secret that a meal prepared outdoors always seems to taste better. We believe grilling away from home should be convenient and simple. Gone are the days of lugging around a bulky grill that was meant to stay at home on the deck.

This fold-flat fire pit comes with a grill bridge that fits over the top and is adjustable up or down for optimal distance to the coals. Like using charcoal, cooking on the Takibi requires a little patience—ideal weber charcoal grill conditions come once the bare flames die down and the wood is reduced to glowing coals. We used oak firewood cut down to eight-inch chunks to get a hot bed of coals, which took about 45 minutes.

It’s also easier to control the heat while you’re grilling with gas than it is when using charcoal; to adjust the heat up and down, simply twist a knob instead of fiddling around with hot coals. It is a bummer when you run out of propane, though, so you always want to double-check before heading portable bbq into the woods. If you’re looking for an electric-powered model that infuses smoky flavor into your food, the Traeger Ranger Pellet Grill is the way to go. It’s a miniature version of our favorite pellet grill, and it’s capable of cooking at temperatures ranging from 165°F to 450°F.