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In addition, you don’t want a grill with bottom vents that sit above the coal bed; this design reduces airflow and can extinguish the fire prematurely. Portable gas grills come equipped with a coupling that fits 1-pound liquid-propane canisters . These mini propane cylinders are lightweight and packable, and they’re available at most hardware stores.

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These kamado-style grills use charcoal but have thick, ceramic sides that store a ton of heat, radiating that energy very efficiently as you cook. It had the best temperature control of any charcoal grill we tested. That being said, this is not a portable grill; I had to ask for help to move the 76-pound grill! It’s also much smaller than the other grills, fitting about four burgers, and it’s significantly more expensive, too. The PK Grills PKTX is a great option for anyone looking for a fully-functional charcoal grill with a smaller outdoor area.

Excessive flare-ups are annoying and can make food taste like burnt oil. We think the ideal capacity on a portable grill is enough to accommodate a full meal for two or a main course for a small crowd. In spring 2017, Tim and then Wirecutter writers Lesley Stockton and Michael Sullivan spent over 40 hours testing full-size gas and charcoal grills, as well asgrill accessories.

Grills equipped with an accessible coupling for 1-pound liquid-propane canisters are a must. One-pound canisters are lightweight, inexpensive, and available at most hardware stores. Lugging around a 20-pound propane cylinder isn’t our idea of portability. If you wind up wanting to use a larger tank, you can purchase an adapter with a Type 1 connector for a 20-pound refillable propane tank. The heat generated is perfect for roasting all meat including poultry. The Dome Extension and Chicken Roasting Stand offer a great alternative to traditional roast chicken.

However, we were able to fit and cook four burgers over direct heat or four chicken drumsticks when the coals were arranged to indirect heat. This portable grill can be used with either wood or charcoal and, as its name suggests, if you remove its grill grates, it can be used as a firepit. However, the feature that really blew us away with the BioLite is its built-in battery-powered fan.

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