Compare Bissell Crosswave Cordless Models

Ours is currently sitting in our kitchen, charging through a plug that sits above our worktop. It’s worth us noting that this machine has to be sat on the dock to charge, and you’ll want to place it on there when self-cleaning, too. If you are short on storage space, this is not the appliance for you. Searching for a multi-surface cleaner for your home? If you’ve come across the Max, then we are here to give you an honest opinion.

bissell crosswave cordless

We’ve done the research on products designed to save you time and money. The Walmart-exclusive Bissell CrossWave Max Pet, which is basically a cordless wet-dry vacuum, is both a solid pet hair picker-upper and a pet stain remover. And as of March 7, you can get it on sale for just $339. Cord-free – Up to 30 minutes of cordless cleaning power with a 36V lithium-ion battery. Self-cleaning cycle – It helps maintain the machine’s cleaning performance by cleaning the brush roll and inside of the CrossWave, so there’s less clean-up after cleaning.

At the back is the water reservoir for the cleaning detergent. There are two simple marks on the bottle showing you fill levels for small or large areas. Bissell sells its own multi-surface liquid and you get 1-litre in the box; you can use your own floor cleaner, mixed to the right ratio, if you prefer. This is the original version of the Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max.

On one side, Floormate is cheaper, weighs less pounds, and has interchangeable batteries. On the other hand, it has smaller tanks and slightly less suction power. Smart bissell crosswave cordless Neighbor Air Filters Breathe easier knowing new home air filters are only a few clicks away. Smart Neighborhood See what the neighborhood of the future looks like.

This Bissell has become my go-to when something spills on the floor. I don’t scramble for a paper towel roll, I can just go to the closet and get the Bissell! It makes clean-up so much easier, and I am always confident that the vacuum is working well. The first shark cordless con of the Bissel Crosswave Max is one that I have been worried about since the beginning. I talked about the battery life in my first blog, and I will say, it takes a lot to get used to. Now, I have experienced the vacuum more and expanded my thoughts.