Portable Grills For Camping And Tailgating, Reviewed And Rated

The fact that the carrying handle doubles as a lid holder is also useful for keeping an eye on the food when cooking. Weber’s portable charcoal and gas grills offer the same grilling standard you get from your home models at a fraction of the size. This makes them easy to load into the car on game day, take backcountry camping or just change up your grilling spot at home. While slow-cooking weber genesis 2 on the Takibi would be challenging, you can at least adjust the grill height to control temperature. It is designed to let heat out the sides, as well as up to the cooking surface, so it’s slightly less efficient than a covered grill, but this is only really a factor when cooking large cuts of meat . The GoBQ did an admirable job of cooking our burgers and chicken drumsticks.

This solar oven requires no charcoal, propane or any fuel source (hooray for the environment!) and is super light and transportable. It’s a perfect camping cooker except you do need sunlight for this to function so I wouldn’t rely solely on this for eating if you’re heading into the woods for an extended period. We tested more than a dozen small and compact models to find the best portable grill for all your camping trips, tailgates and blazing beach barbecues. It’s big enough to roast a chicken, sear a couple of large steaks at a time, or fit about six 12-inch skewers. But if you’re doing meat and veggies for a family of four, you’re going to be cooking in batches. Most meats need to rest when they’re done cooking anyway, giving you time to do your veggies.

Ace Rewards members spending $50 or more are eligible to receive free Next Day delivery on in-stock orders. Orders must be placed on days the store is open, before 4pm local time or 2 hours before store closing time, whichever is earlier. Easy, convenient and efficient grilling without the hassle of gas or charcoal. You can boil water on any type of weber q grill as long as you have a pot or kettle with no wooden or plastic parts. Simply place the water over the grill’s burner and turn it on high—if you’re able to shut the grill’s lid over it, you’ll be able to speed up the process. If you can’t shut the lid, it will take significantly longer, but the water will eventually reach its boiling point.

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We also ensured our winning portable grills could be transported easily by one person. We love the lid, which has two vents that stay cool enough to adjust during cooking, stays put on the grill in the open position and has a large, oversized handle for easy check-ins. Best of all, the lid can be inverted onto an included base and used as a second grill.

It’s also worth noting that you’ll be getting more of a broiled result versus a traditional grill since there is no actual flame so don’t expect char marks on your oblong burgers. There are a few sizes, including this mid-size GoSun Goand the larger GoSun Survival if you’re planning on cooking for a group. That said, most of the time when I hit the road I grab Weber’s Connect Smart Hub ($100). It’s not as sophisticated as the SmartFire, but it’s more portable, and two probes is generally all I need on small grills. If you can’t face the prospect of going without your Big Green Egg for a weekend, the MiniMax Big Green Egg is much smaller, but it still isn’t terribly portable.