Compare Bissell Crosswave Cordless Models

The internal battery lasts around 25 minutes of use, after which you have to wait four hours for it to recharge. With that amount of time, I found there was enough battery life to cover my downstairs, but I’d have to recharge to tackle the other floors. If you’ve got a lot of hard floors that you want to clean in one go, a plug-in hard floor cleaner or one that takes swappable batteries will be a better bet. Designed for convenience, the Bissell CrossWave Cordless is an all-in-one vacuum cleaner and hard floor cleaner, so you can suck up mess while you clean.

There is also a keypad located on top of the unit which enables users to set the desired settings. The controls are simple to operate and allow the user to adjust the speed of the brush head and the power level of the motor. The Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max has been designed to be easy to use and maintain. With its unique features, it is ideal for both residential and commercial applications. The Bissell Crosswave Max has a charging time of four hours, and it runs for 30 minutes.

bissell crosswave cordless

Over the years I’ve purchased both corded and cordless vacuums, mops, and every other cleaning product I came across. Having an all in one that gets me, and my household is amazing. Via the BISSELL Pet Foundation, you can support pets when you purchase a dyson robot vacuum Max. As part of its commitment to pets, BISSELL® proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation® and its mission to help save homeless pets.

Afterward, the docking station holds the device until you need it for another task. There’s also a rack dyson robot vacuum to dry out the brush roll from. Safe for use on tiles, sealed wood floors, laminate, PVC, and more.

The Pet Pro is a corded device that offers unlimited cleaning time. The CrossWave Cordless runs on battery power and cannot clean large areas non-stop. The Pet Pro comes with two brush rolls compared to only one that you get with the CrossWave cordless. The Pet Pro comes with pet formula that contains Febreze freshness to mask odors left by your pets. The manufacturer also backs the Pet Pro with a 3-year guarantee compared to the two-year warranty of the CrossWave cordless.