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Selecting a section of your video footage using the DJI Go app is simple and fast. The DJI Go app also includes a simple way to piece together a movie on your iPad, along with free background music for you to use. It’s clear that DJI wants you to share as much footage as possible , and has made the process very simple. That said, the photo/video integration of the DJI Go app is really good. Any footage you take with the Phantom 4 drone is stored on a Micro SD card inside the drone in full 4k glory .

In the “Beginner Mode, the Phantom 4 cannot fly 100 feet higher and beyond the recorded home point. It also prevents camera tilt controls to allow new pilots to familiarize themselves with flying before adding more distance and camera control. The Phantom 4 is set to beginner mode by default which is great news.

The aircraft was soon in competition with the XF8U-3 Crusader III. Due to cockpit workload, the Navy wanted a two-seat aircraft and on 17 December 1958 the F4H was declared the winner. Delays with the J79-GE-8 engines meant that the first production aircraft were fitted with J79-GE-2 and −2A engines, each having 16,100 lbf (71.8 kN) of afterburning thrust. In 1959, the Phantom began carrier suitability trials with the first complete launch-recovery cycle performed on 15 February 1960 from Independence. Wind tunnel testing had revealed lateral instability, requiring the addition of 5° dihedral to the wings. To avoid redesigning the titanium central section of the aircraft, McDonnell engineers angled up only the outer portions of the wings by 12°, which averaged to the required 5° over the entire wingspan. The wings also received the distinctive “dogtooth” for improved control at high angles of attack.

You see, I was coming at the tree from an angle that could’ve been outside of the OSS’s visual range. It senses what’s in front of the Phantom, not above, to the sides or behind it. So while the system can stop a head-on collision, you’ll have no problems crashing it from other directions. My point is, the OSS is great to have, but for new pilots it could create a false sense of security.

I’d definitely advise purchasing one of these hoods which fix onto the controller and provide some shade over the iPad’s screen. As the Phantom 4’s lens is a fixed f/2.8 aperture, Manual mode basically consists of altering ISO and shutter speed to adjust exposure. Regarding the controller itself, I found it lightweight, comfortable and robust.

Home Lock adjusts controls based on the position of the aircraft relative to the remote control. When it’s turned on, pulling the right stick toward you will always bring the drone back in closer, and pushing it up will always fly away from you, regardless of the position of the nose. The drone has automated and semi-automated flight modes as well, controlled via the app, but you should be comfortable with manual control before using them. Even with all of its sensors and safety features, you never know when you’ll need to take control of the drone in order to avoid an accident. The subject simply lifts their arms when facing the camera and the aircraft will recognize this movement by locking on and placing the subject in the center of the frame.

Point of Interest flies perfectly circular orbits about a point in space, keeping the camera honed at the center the entire time. Waypoint reproduces a flight between a number of dji drones points in space repeatedly, but you have to fly the path manually first. Follow tracks the position of the remote control and flies the drone to keep up with it as it moves.

Reach M2 modules are centimeter-precision multi-band RTK GNSS systems for UAV mapping up to 100km/20km respectively. A sensor installed externally on the P4P drone detects the firing of each photo and records a timestamp in the Reach M2 module’s log file. A sensor installed externally in the P4P drone detects the shot of each photograph and records a mark of … MARS Parachutes has designed the P4 Lite system to attach via cable ties.

This allows the aircraft to descend in safety via the larger parachute canopy. This aerodynamically deployed parachute system is brilliantly packaged with an ultra small footprint. The Phantom 4 maintains its sleek profile with an new realm of safety few drone based aircraft will ever achieve.

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The takes all the expectations set by its predecessors and easily outstrips them by combining all the best features they had to offer. Because the Phantom 4 is very popular, there is a terrific range of Phantom 4 parts, upgrades and accessories available. If the control signal is lost, the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 will retrace its original path to assist it regain its connection after one minute. If it fails to regain connection, it will also revert to straight line RTH. In Narrow Sensing Mode, the Phantom 4 Pro narrows its sensing scope enabling it to see in more detail and fly through small spaces.