Gotham Steel 20 Piece Non

The pot is really deep and ideal for stews, soups, steaming vegetables, and different rice items. If you are lost and overwhelmed by so many choices, pick this one! This is a safe and reliable option that suits many different lifestyles and cuisines. Batch cook larger amounts for occasions or if you want to meal prep for the whole week. Either way, this is extremely functional and versatile.

“I was hesitant at first to purchase this product, given there were several negative reviews over the non-stick coating not lasting as expected. I went ahead and took the plunge in ordering this set, and I can tell you after almost 2 months I do not regret it! I have not used all the pieces, like the baking pans, but the ones I have used have been just fantastic!!

The lightweight pans feel flimsy, and with such an uncomfortable handle, it can make using them unenjoyable. Plus, the ceramic coating is prone to sticking, defeating the major “healthy non-stick” selling point of the pan. Bottom Line — Gotham Steel Cookware is extremely gotham steel cookware sets affordable but lacks the durability and performance you get with more expensive brands. The pots and pans have thin walls with poor heat retention. The first thing I noticed is that the cookware is lightweight. It doesn’t have the heft of thicker, more expensive pans.

gotham steel cookware sets

Others include Copper Chef, Red Copper, Bulbhead, and Michelangelo, plus dozens more lesser-known brands. All these brands are extremely similar, with the orange interior and stainless handles. The Pro Chef line has a tri-ply clad stainless steel body with an aluminum interior for heat transfer (i.e., stainless-aluminum–stainless). The nonstick ceramic coating is applied to the interior layer of stainless steel. Most Gotham Steel cookware has an aluminum body that’s sprayed with a nonstick ceramic coating. One of the lines, the Pro Anodized, is anodized aluminum (this is aluminum that’s been treated to make it extremely durable).

It can lose its temperature quickly, so you’ll want to be careful about making heat adjustments while cooking. Once you’ve finished cooking, it’s important to let your Gotham Steel pan cool down before washing. Running cold water over a hot pan will warp the pan and ruin it. Cookware Sets Yet beware, some so called ceramic cookware contains PTFE, the active ingredient of Teflon. Another threw the pan away after experiencing stains and burn marks. Again, it’s common to attempt removing the stains by cleaning with Bar Keeper’s Friend or a similar product.

Here are the main reasons you should think twice before picking this brand. First, I poured two cups of cold water into the Gotham Steel pan. Then, I set it on the stove and turned the burner to the highest setting. Warping in the middle of the pan is not an issue unique to the cookware I tested; several other customers have the same complaint. When I poured oil or cracked an egg in the center of the pan, it immediately moved to one side and wouldn’t stay in the center.