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After that, delivery takes one to five business days, depending on what state you live in and the delivery option you select. Sunny does not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, international locations or P.O. Diana is a trained journalist and experienced editor in the health and wellbeing and lifestyle sectors.

I’ve been taking group indoor cycling classes at my gym for nearly 15 years and I was missing that group cycling experience and those harder workouts during the pandemic. Now that my gym was maxkare treadmill opening up, I was hesitant to go back to group cycling classes indoors while wearing a mask — especially since I’m pregnant. Flash sales & discounts sponsored by top office fitness brands.

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For one, the SF-T7917 comes with bluetooth speakers, meaning you can play music through the treadmill wirelessly. It also comes with handrail speed/incline controls, allowing for convenient adjustments during your workouts. I’m not really sure why this model is referred to as the “incline treadmill”- it doesn’t offer any more incline than the other models, but it does have a little more going on in the tech department.

Customers will receive a tracking number to help locate their purchases. Unfortunately, this brand does not provide international Sunny Health Fitness shipping. The Pedometer Wrist Watch enables you to track each step on your leisurely walk or an intensive mountain hike.

They are designed to accommodate different riding styles for different workouts. They also adjust vertically, which we found was helpful, especially since more than one person in our household was using the bike. Being able to move the handlebars meant the bike worked for people of different heights—and it helped ease any tension in our backs as well. We found that it didn’t take up a lot of room width-wise, which enabled us to pull it pretty far from our wall—ideal for a stationary bike. Considering that the bike weighs nearly 100 pounds, the rollers made it realistic and pretty easy to move the bike around the room.