Skywalker 15 Foot Trampoline Review

You will have to add at least 3 feet to accommodate the poles. Three 13-year old kids with normal weight can certainly use this but adding 1 more can be quite dangerous already. It’s neither about the jump skywalker trampoline 15 surface tearing nor the structure getting compromised, but it’s more about the kids accidentally hitting each other. Skywalker trampoline trampoline safety jump surface small children individual groups.

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We had several kids of varying ages jump on the trampoline, both in groups and alone, to see how the Skywalker held up to the stress of the flips and occasional collisions. You can expect your Skywalker® trampoline to be constructed of heavy-gauge steel for weather and rust resistance. A specialized safety frame employs welded T-sockets to prevent twisting. Oval Skywalker Trampolines are similar to round trampolines, but provide a longer jumping length in one direction. They also come in larger sizes than typical round trampolines.

skywalker trampoline 15

In fact, all trampolines from the same brand have a very stable and strong frame. The jump area, including the outer frame, has a diameter of 15 feet. So what you have is 14 feet of actual jumping space. It’s pretty much how you would measure a TV screen which includes the frame. This Skywalker 15 foot Jump N’ Dunk has a recommended weight limit of 200 lbs. In truth, it can hold even more but the probability of injury or trampoline damage is higher past the 200-pound weight limit.