Beats Flex Review Balanced Sound, Poor Stability

It fits in the ears comfortably as it offers four ear tip options for a personalized fit. If you love the Beats brand and want some shiny new earphones on a budget, the Beats Flex tick all the right boxes. For under £50, you get wireless earphones that connect to Apple devices in a flash and will work with Android gadgets too. With the right fit, they sound great and are capable of blasting out the tunes for over 10 hours without needing to go near plug – that’s over double what Apple AirPods can muster. Unfortunately, things are a little less painless for Android users. Following its acquisition of Beats, Apple has put its own stamp on the hugely-popular headphones and portable speakers.

Class 1 Bluetooth removes the need for wired connections and complex set-up sequences. Connect your enabled device to the headphone for a quick, seamless connection, then start playing your music collection. Nowadays, beats studio3 to sustain and grow in the Indian market, companies are launching their headphones in various sizes, like On-hear, Over-hear or tiny TWS earbuds. However, it did take us a while to find the ideal tip for our ears.

beats flex review

There’s a small LED on the power button that pulses red while charging and turns white once Beats Flex are fully charged. Microphone audio quality is solid, with my voice coming through clearly on phone calls and Siri recognizing my commands and requests just fine. Beats says it has improved microphone performance compared to BeatsX with optimized placement and an advanced voice algorithm that helps improve audio quality and mitigate wind noise. Sound QualityI beats solo pro wireless found the sound quality of Beats Flex to be quite good for a lower-priced set of earphones, with the sealing eartips helping to shut out ambient sound and offer a full, resonant sound. Bass tones come through rather strongly, while mid and particularly highs feel weaker, but overall these earphones compare quite well to competing models. I still prefer my ‌AirPods Pro‌, of course, but I found little to complain about when comes to fit with Beats Flex.

Because they are so affordable, they aren’t going to knock you off your feet but they will give you light, comfortable earphones with decent-enough sound performance. These connected wireless earbuds are a bargain, they have loads to offer for Apple users. You can hook them up to the Apple Find My network and you can share your audio with other Beats headphones and Airpods. You will have to make some sacrifices in sound quality but overall they offer a lot for your money.

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If they’d come out at $100 or even $75, they would’ve been a hard pass from me. But at $50 they’re worth considering, especially if you want Apple-friendly earbuds and don’t want to shell out more for AirPods. For a lot of people that pesky wire is a dealbreaker, and I personally hadn’t regularly used a neckband-style headphone for a couple of years, so it was a bit of an adjustment to go back to it.