Beats Flex Wireless Review

When you do run out of battery, which will be days later, you can charge up about an hour-and-a-half worth of playback in just 10 minutes using the included USB-C cable and Beats Flex Fast Fuel charging. Both Beats Flex and Beats X look extremely similar, with the two earbuds connected via a long cord, intended to snake around the back of your neck. It’s not a heavy design, but it does feel a bit strange walking around with a necklace comprised of an unwieldy nickel and titanium cable. I’ve had a bit of time to test out the $500 Anker 535, and it delivers a handy set of connectivity options for charging up a… As an everyday ‌AirPods Pro‌ user, one thing about Beats Flex that took some getting used to was the cables dangling from my ears. They put a little bit of pressure on the ears, and with the seal in the ears, any sounds from the cord brushing against my shirt or the side of my face were transmitted directly into my ears.

The good news here is that people we spoke to with the earbuds on said we sounded great – even better than we did over speakerphone or other headsets. That’s a huge feather in the Flex’s cap and could make them great work-from-home or out-on-the-town headphones. Unfortunately these songs also highlight how anemic the mids sound, so proceed with caution. On that note, there’s also no real way to tweak the EQ if you’re not happy with the default sound – which is a bit of a bummer. Well, you can use the multi-feature button, but the Beats Flex are also equipped with a sensor that will automatically pause the music when you take them off, and resume the music when you put them back on.

When you buy a new pair of earphones, their comfortability must be a great concern for you. Before going through the in-depth Beats earbuds review, I am going to mention some key specs and their pros – cons. Fast charging technologies, like Qualcomm’s Quick Charge or MediaTek’s Pump Express, are used to reduce the time it takes to charge a device. For example, with Quick Charge 3.0, the battery can be charged to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Of course, there’s a boost in bass, but it’s hardly suitable for bass heads. The earbuds contain recycled parts where possible and recycled plastic for internal pieces. They also contain fewer and more durable components than predecessors and are designed to last longer, while the packaging is both smaller and contains less plastic. They manage to sound fairly raw and grungy for Nirvana, while still blasting out electronica at a suitably high energy levels. The bass can sometimes dominate a little, but the Flex manage to produce the really deep notes needed for something such as Lindsey Stirling’s Crystallise. They’re also punchy enough to give a proper rendition of My Morning Jacket’s Highly Suspicious.

You’ll find him covering everything from smartphones and home computers to 3D printers and headphones. Those are still mighty impressive numbers and it means that you’ll comfortably be able to fo a full day without needing to recharge them, or more likely several days to a full week with moderate usage. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. That said, there’s plenty to like at the Beats Flex and that low price makes them sound seriously appealing. We’d also say that they don’t feel as premium as the more expensive Powerbeats but you are paying almost half the price for the Flex so it’s harsh to fault the overall build quality too much.

beats flex review

Overall, the Beats Flex is a truly solid pair of earphones that won’t leave you wishing you’d spent more. It’s hard to imagine a more complete neckband product at this price beats solo pro wireless point. If there’s one word to describe the Beats Flex, it’s ‘convenience’. If you’re an Android user, these connect using Bluetooth but won’t give you the features above.