Beats Flex review: $50 Apple headphones .. ‘nuf said

The right compartment houses a single button for power and pairing. But if that’s my biggest gripe with the $50 Beats Flex, I think they’re a pretty clear success. There are all sorts of true wireless earbuds on the market now — including more budget-focused options at this same price range.

You can leave the earbuds dangling from around your neck, wearing them like a pendant. Going from listening to not listening to the earbuds requires simply lifting them to your ears — or pulling them out. And forget about having to drop them in a charging case when you’re not using them.

beats flex review

I’m also a fan of the built-in battery indicator light, something that is often missed on minimalist in-ear headphones like these. It’s easy to skimp on those details when you have such a small product footprint to work with, which is why it’s worth a tip o’ the cap to Beats. It’s a simple enough configuration—the indicator light near the power button turns red when you have less than one hour of battery left, and flashes red when you’re running out of juice.

It’s the most seamless setup possible and you can also use AudioSharing. If your friend has another pair of Flex, Beats headphones, or AirPods, you can share the audio with them. It’s more flexible and convenient, plus the Flex-Form cable is extremely lightweight and made of durable Nitinol material. You get four tip sizes in the box and I found them quite uncomfortable after a few hours of use.

They also got a standby mode to conserve power when not in use. The Flex earbuds are superior in terms of build quality and comfortability too. Audio latency is also lower than the Beats X on iOS and Android. They cannot isolate or reduce low-frequency noise like buses and plane engines. So, Flex earbuds are not suitable for long bus or plane trips. The Flex earphones are decent for mixed usage and casual listening.

You never have to worry about losing an earbud and there’s no bulky charging case to stash in your pocket or purse. It’s slightly thinner beats studio3 on the Flex, but still just as robust. Get instant access to breaking news, the hottest reviews, great deals and helpful tips.

You may have forgotten, but Apple bought Beats a few years ago for a lot of money. And while the company puts most of its efforts into the AirPods and AirPods Pro, it hasn’t completely forgotten about the Beats brand. The new Beats Flex is basically a tweaked pair of BeatsX at a lower price point. The Beats Flex has Apple-exclusive features, but it also plays well with Android phones.

Considering the price difference we’re really impressed with the Flex’s audio quality. Beats Flex are wireless “all-day” Bluetooth headphones with USB-C charging that are both sweat and water-resistant. They have the Apple/Beats look going for them, and they offer great sound quality, but they are light on additional features.

The W1 chip in the Beats Flex is the predecessor to the H1, so the H1 chip brings better stability and battery life, as well as always-on Siri support, among other things. Download theBeats app for Androidfrom the Google Play store. The app will give you access to firmware updates, as well as additional device controls. The Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd might look a bit retro, but it boasts modern performance and features. There is also a good amount of emphasis in the upper-mids that gives a good bump in volume to vocals in songs and podcasts. The vocals in Julia by Retro Stefson are easy to hear in almost any environment.

The flexible cord is design to withstand pretty much anything you could put it through in a normal day. So if you bunch up the Flex to slip into your pocket then that’s no problem. The band itself is made from a nickel-titanium alloy, and that not only means the cord is hard to break, it also bounces back into shape after living as a coiled up ball in your pocket. Some people aren’t worried about rich lows and bright highs and all the beautiful robust sound in between.