Keurig K-Mini Plus Single Serve Coffee Maker 5000200239

To be clear however I don’t think the Mixpresso is the best k-cup coffee maker made, just the best small inexpensive unit. Click through keurig k mini coffee maker to see my list of best Keurigs this year. All coffee machines need regular cleaning and descaling, and the Keurig Mini is no different.

Still, you can choose between a 6, 8 or 10 ounce cup of coffee as well as hundreds of types of K-Cups, meaning you can simply get different flavors by buying different capsules. It’s also compatible with the My K-Cup universal reusable coffee filter, which we strongly recommend that you buy instead of always relying on K-Cups, given their environmental footprint. If that’s all you are expecting from your coffee brewer, then you won’t be disappointed and you should go for this budget-friendly model.

Overall, each coffee machine is aesthetically pleasing and cute, meaning they’re unlikely to appear incongruous in most smaller kitchens. As the dimensions above reveal, the machines are incredibly compact, while they each weigh just 4.6lbs, too. Therefore, they’re ideal for even the smallest countertop space.

We would certainly recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t mind spending a couple of extra bucks. It’s reliable, produces quality coffee, and looks great on your countertop. Although the Sboly single-serve is not a Keurig machine, it is compatible with K-Cups. So, you can invest in a more affordable option while still enjoying the convenience and flavor of a K-Cup. This machine also works with ground coffee, so you can use any kind of coffee that you prefer.

keurig k mini coffee maker

If you’re a coffee addict, coffee throughout the day is a must. Thankfully, this Nescafe coffee machine can give you aromatic coffee with a push of a button. But the bottom line is that the Keurig K-Mini is a simple, inexpensive single-serve coffee maker that’s well worth your time and money. The drip tray is removable, and the machine’s simple enough to clean quickly. Overall, this model’s cleaning needs are very reasonable. Reflects how easy it is to operate a unit, refill the water reservoir, and clean the appliance after use.

If you want something nicer, you will really have to consider a machine that doesn’t use pods. They are more hassle for a better product – it’s up to you hamilton beach dual coffee maker how ready you are to make that trade off. This is usually a strike for me – I see no reason that a coffee machine would ever need to rely on pods.

The machine has a strong brew button for a stronger flavor. The coffee maker is very low-maintenance and easy to clean. This machine is a very small, convenient size perfect for small spaces and single homes.