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These smoke shops operate in a curious legal twilight zone. As tobacco pipes and other smoking accessories like hookah pipes, rolling trays, papers, rolling machines, etc., are not intended for drug use, they are allowed and openly sold. However, many headshops in the USA and UK will vaporizers bongs label items for tobacco use only and avoid the word “bong,” calling them tobacco or novelty waterpipes instead. All the glass pipes on our webpage are for decorative and legal smoking use only. They offer the perfect way to cool down your pipe without adding to the water level.

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Most Bongs come in three parts, the bong itself, a downstem, and a bowl. To use your bong, pack your bowl with the herb of your choice, light the bowl, and then suck through the tube. Now you can use your bong as a dab bong or you can invest in a dab rig as you get more into concentrates. Downstems – Built-in downstems make bongs easier to transport, while percolated downstems add extra smoke filtration. It’s typical for a bong to have both an inner and outer stem, which are normally made from glass or even metal. Multi-chamber bongs also known as recyclers create greater filtration and smoother, more concentrated hits.

Other than that, the neck is for providing a direct line up your bong to deliver you those milky hits. The chamber is where a lot of the magic happens within the bong. Bongs provide diffusion to your rips making them nice and smooth.

We personally designed and rigorously tested numerous shapes, styles, percolators and glycerin coils to create all of our bongs. All the while our north stay being efficient percolation, strong cooling power all the while still being easy to clean. Bongs are a great way to smoke whether you are smoking by yourself, with a special someone, or with a group of friends.

Before exiting the straight neck silhouette, a chilled glycerin coil — accented by an excellent milli glass marble — adds an exhilarating final flourish. The glycerin coil is always at the ready, since it can simply be stored right in your freezer! This modular design also makes it easy to clean the maneuverable, small-sized elements better than a full water pipe. Straight neck that takes up the least amount of space, yet delivers unbeatable efficiency. It’s an excellent intersection of high-quality and affordability. Replace the dry herb slide with a ceramic nail for added fun with concentrates.

However, while there are tons of cheap bongs available on the market, Fat Buddha Glass lets you buy high-quality glass bongs online at great prices. A bong typically consists of 4 different main components. Mouthpieces are the point on your bong where you become one with your bong. This is where the physical connection between you and your bong begins. The neck is typically where an ice catcher would be found if your piece has one.

DankStops offers dozens of options, including cleaning caps and plugs. Popular joint sizes include 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm, and all in both male and female varieties. You want to insert the downstem into the bong joint and the bowl into the downstem joint. A modern upgrade to the classic acrylic bong, Silicone bongs have exploded on the scene in recent years thanks to their unbreakable, portable design and affordable price points.