Glass Pipes & Dry Pipes

Zob Glass knows how to make a bubbler that has no comparison. With a variety of percs and a small size, your search is over. Aimed at the concentrate market, Zob’s Princess line includes a variety of small pieces. The majority of which rock a direct-injected head. Looking for a one-off custom piece that will blow your mind?

Thick borosilicate glass delivers the ultimate unadulterated flavors and… Glass BowlBowl generally refers to the area where flower or extract is placed to be heated (direct or direct / combustion or vaporization). Bowl is also the reference we use to describe the part of a water pipe that is removed once the user has completed an inhalation cycle.

glass pipes

Pull Bowls, Downstems or Dabbers, you’ll find it here. Storage and OrganizationStorage and Organization refers to products that Store your meds for consumption at a later time and Organize your gear for ease of use and safety.

While this story might sound like it was made up, it was not. This story is shared by hundreds if not thousands of people who were following the Grateful Dead on tour that summer. One of those people was named Bob Snodgrass, and he would later become famous as the man who invented water pipes the modern glass pipe making industry as we know it. Bob Snodgrass was the first to fume his glass with Gold and Silver to produce mind-bending colors after resin started to build up inside. He was also extremely close to being the person to invent the all-in-one glass bong.

Pipes stand 5 inches tall and sold in varying colors. But for people who buy and hit pre-rolls, there’s a glass option that will give you glass pipes that continental look. One of my favorite ways to class up your joint smoking game comes from the talented Charlene Foster, AKA Cha Cha.